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Patricia Kopta Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Missing, Found Alive, Investigation Report

Patricia Kopta Wiki – Bio

Patricia Kopta, a Pennsylvania woman missing for more than three decades has been found alive in Puerto Rico.

Bob Kopta reported his wife, Patricia, missing in 1992. She was a Pittsburgh street preacher, also known as “The Sparrow.” I came home one night and she’s gone and nobody knows where she is, Bob Kopta said during a police news conference Thursday.

Patricia Kopta Age

Patricia Kopta is 82 years old.

Found alive after more than 30 years

Bob Kopta said that Patricia had some mental health issues and had talked about going to Puerto Rico where it was hot for her.

“It’s been going on for almost 31 years and it’s been bad. It cost me a lot of money. I even put ads in the Puerto Rican newspaper looking for it,” Bob said. Although he never found his wife, he ended up being right where he thought.

“We were contacted by an Interpol agent as well as a social worker from Puerto Rico who believed she was being held in a nursing home in Puerto Rico,” Ross Municipality Deputy Police Chief Brian Kohlhepp said. Those who work at the facility said the woman was discovered to be in need of care on June 30, 1999.

Although the woman refused to share her personal life with anyone, years later, suffering from dementia, she began divulging details. Bob Kopta isn’t the only family member surprised by the news. Gloria Smith, Patricia’s sister, said: “I don’t think so. It was a total shock.”

“We really thought that she was dead all those years. We didn’t expect it. It was a huge shock to know that she was still alive,” said Gloria Smith. “We are very happy and I hope I can go down to see her.”

It took about nine months from the time Interpol agents contacted the police until they identified the woman as Patricia Kopta.

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