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Pat Casey, a 29-year-old BMX rider, was killed in a motorcycle accident at an X Games freestyle motocross circuit in Ramona.

Pat Casey, a BMX racer and racing athlete from Yorba Linda, California, was born on December 26, 1993. Casey is recognized in the sport for his inventive exploits, which sometimes entailed him riding and completing acrobatics backward. His trademarked moves included the “decade backflip” and the “double-decade backflip.” He eventually moved to Riverside and built his own BMX training facility, Dreamyard.

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Pat Casey was 29 years old.

Pat Casey’s Cause of Death

On Tuesday, police reported that the incident occurred at 2.45 pm off Sutherland Dam Road at Slayground Motocross Park. Police confirmed that the BMX rider botched his landing and that the motorcycle crashed on top of him. Deputies and paramedics attempted to save lives. However, the individual was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

Officials confirmed that witnesses on the scene of the incident performed CPR on Casey before paramedics arrived. According to Cal Fire San Diego spokeswoman Brent Pascua, emergency responders continued to give Casey CPR until 3.40 p.m., when he was pronounced dead. Pat is survived by his wife, Chase Casey, and two children.


Pat’s father constructed his first bike ramp, according to a longtime friend of BMX legend Ryan Fudger. “I also remember thinking it was pretty f****** awesome that his dad not only built him a mini ramp but also made a studio underneath one of the decks so Pat could wail away on the drums in between sessions,” Fudger told BMX. Police stated that the BMX rider died after failing to land on a trick at an X Games freestyle motocross circuit in Ramona.

Fans have filled Twitter with poignant messages for Pat Casey, who died while performing a stunt. “RIP Pat Casey,” one admirer wrote. This year has been extremely difficult for the extreme sports community.” “RIP Pat Casey,” wrote another. Man, you’re a legend. “What a sad way to end the day.”

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