Who is Pabi Cooper? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, I’m alive” Please Stop fake news

Pabi Cooper Wiki – Pabi Cooper Bio

Pabi Cooper has set the record straight about her well-being after being the victim of a faked death. I’m alive” Please Stop fake news. His Biography, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, and who is it read more details.

Pabi is from Soshanguve. Pabi is a multi-talented young woman who dreams of becoming the youngest Mzansi referee. In addition to her interest in soccer, Pabi is a promising musician, dancer, and performer with undeniable abilities. Pabi Cooper’s real name seems to be too long to read, which is why she is mostly known by her nickname. The musician’s Instagram photos confirm that Cooper Pabi’s boyfriend is singer Benny Afroe, with whom they collaborated on the 2022 song Do It Right. The two lovers seem happy in their relationship, and both posted pictures showing how affectionate they are. with each other.

Pabi Cooper Age

Cooper Pabi’s age is estimated to be around 20-25 years old.

Pabi Cooper – I’m alive” Please Stop fake news

Pabi Cooper shuts down rumors of being dead. Rumors of the singer’s death circulated on Facebook and people sent their condolences. A Facebook user by the name of Stash T Woods started the rumor by posting, “RIP Pabi Cooper. The post left many shocked; the guy claimed that the singer shared a video that triggered the death rumor.


Many people reacted to the post; while some were disappointed by the lie served up, others claimed that she survived an accident that nearly took her life. Taking to Instagram stories of her, the multi-talented star urged people to stop the false rumor, as she is alive.
“I’m alive, people need to stop their bullshit on Facebook,” she wrote.


Paballo Basetsana Mothapo is a singer, event presenter, and performer among the many other hats she wears. She has performed at various functions and for influential people such as singer Uncle Vinney. She also earns money from brand influence. Unlike most athletes, Pabi is a soccer fan who wants to make his mark in the game by refereeing. Ms. Basetsana Mothapo wants to participate in African football as a match official, although she sometimes plays as a goalkeeper on the pitch. She is a fan of the Orlando Pirates.

Pabi is without a doubt a very talented Amapian artist. She was nominated for the African Social Entertainment Awards in the Best Newcomer category and won Best Newcomer at the Amapiano Awards.

Net worth

Pabi appears to be doing well and enjoying an above-average lifestyle. However, her exact net worth is unknown but is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars. She has multiple sources of income, including music from her, professional dancing from her, social media influence, and organizing events.

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At a young age, Pabi owns a car and a house (kwami ​​in Zulu). She achieved all of these big milestones through hard work, determination and focus, discipline and thrift. Pabi Cooper, who now lives in Pretoria, is a rising star to watch for years to come. She is multi-talented and is excellent at what he does. He wishes him all the best in his endeavors.

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