Olvin Torres Velásquez and Mohamed Kamara Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Accidental Death, Investigation Report


Olvin Torres Velásquez and Mohamed Kamara Wiki – Bio

Olvin Torres Velásquez, 23, and Mohamed Kamara, 42, the victim: a Lyft driver and two friends he had just picked up after a night out in Washington D.C. died after being struck by an SUV fleeing a traffic stop, according to a report.

Now, the families of those killed are demanding answers about why the SUV, which had racked up more than $12,000 in unpaid traffic tickets, was allowed on the road. Olvin Velásquez, 23, had just finished his 14-hour shift at a restaurant in Arlington and was telling his coworkers how excited he was to see his home country of Honduras play soccer that night, reported The Washington Post. After watching Honduras lose, Velasquez and his old friend, Jonathan Cabrera Mendez, went out for a late-night bite in D.C., Valesquez’s relatives told the newspaper.

After a night out, the couple called Lyft in the early hours of Wednesday morning and were picked up by driver Mohamed Kamara, 42. As they were driving home on Rock Creek Parkway in Kamara’s Honda, an SUV driver fleeing a traffic stop crashed into the Lyft, killing all three inside, according to police.

Olvin Torres Velásquez and Mohamed Kamara Age

Olvin Torres Velásquez, 23, and Mohamed Kamara 42 years old.

Police Investigation Report

The two occupants of the van, a man and a woman, were transported to hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries, police said. The driver’s identity has not been released and no criminal charges have been filed as of Saturday. The SUV had been cited for $12,300 in unpaid moving violations, most of them for speeding, according to traffic records obtained by WaPo. The tragic accident has sparked a debate about whether the capital city should do more to keep repeat offenders off the roads.

Family statement

Leslie Torres, a cousin of Torres Velásquez, told the newspaper that the family is “outraged.” This person owed $12,000 in fines, for speeding. Why haven’t the authorities do something?” Torres asked. D.C. council member Charles Allen, who chairs the council’s transportation planning board, told WaPo the District should consider lowering the threshold for reckless driving and starting more cars.

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If a police officer stops a driver and issues a ticket in person in D.C., the moving violation can result in a point on the driver’s license and, if enough points are accumulated, the loss of the license, according to the Washington Post. However, if the violations are caught on a speed camera as was the case with the SUV involved in the crash, the vehicle can rack up fines that the car owner must pay but can keep their licenses.

If a vehicle has accumulated two or more unpaid tickets that have not been contested after 30 days, the District has the authority to boot, tow, or impound them, WaPo reported. But that only happens if a traffic officer sees the vehicle parked in a public place. The jump-start and tow crew was severely understaffed last year, Allens said.

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Mohamed Fofana, Kamara’s 44-year-old brother-in-law, said the deadly crash involving such a flagrant traffic violator reveals “a lapse in the system.” I don’t want another family to go through what we are going through. This did not have to happen, ”he told the newspaper. Leslie Torres said the grieving family is struggling to pay for the body to be shipped to Honduras while she awaits more details on the investigation. If that person had so many tickets, it meant that that person was a danger on the streets, and sooner or later this was going to happen,” Leslie Torres said through tears. “Why didn’t they act? We ask ourselves, why?

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