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Olivia Brown, 23, this is the first picture of the driver who police say ran over and killed a five-month-old British baby and mowed down her family on Lanzarote.

Olivia Brown is due to be charged when she appears in court tomorrow. Police on the island told MailOnline that they believe Brown was over the legal limit for alcohol when her ‘out of control’ car mounted the pavement and slammed into the family. She is currently under house arrest and could be jailed for causing the death of the new-born baby. Brown lives on the island with her parents and is understood to work at a hotel in the resort of Playa Blanca where the accident took place.

Her social media shows scenes of sunset on the island, posing in front of palm trees and with her mother. The Brown family are thought to have lived on the island for several years. The identity of the British family involved in the horrific accident has not been revealed. They were due to leave the island on Sunday, according to police. The baby’s parents and grandparents were also injured in the accident around 6.30pm on Sunday. The father is said to be in a critical condition in a local hospital. A Swedish mother and daughter were also injured by the Ford Fiesta which eyewitnesses have told police was speeding and made no attempt to slow down before mounting the pavement.

Yaiza Municipal police chief Vladimir Guadalupe told MailOnline the Swedish mother is in a critical condition. She was airlifted from the island to an intensive care unit in Gran Canaria. He said her heart and stopped three times and she had to be resuscitated. The couple had only been in Lanzarote for three hours and were walking back to their hotel when they were struck. The Police chief said: ‘The investigation is still on going and could be another week. The driver will appear in court but I cannot say yet what the charges will be.

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Suspect arrested Lanzarote’s horrific crash: Investigation Report

The legal limit for alcohol is 0.25 and this person was over that limit and the charge will reflect that.’ The death of the newborn has shocked the island – a popular winter sun destination with British tourists – and the Mayor Osca Noda declared two days of mourning with flags to fly at half mast. More than 30 people led by the Mayor and including emergency service workers who were first on the scene took part in a solemn one minute silence outside the town hall. Mayor Noda said the death of the baby has had a huge impact on local residents. We are full of sorrow over such a tragic accident. This is something that has not happened here, and people are very shocked,’ he said. We are doing all we can to support the family who are still in hospital. Adil De Toro, a local doctor on the island was among the town hall staff who took part in the one-minute silence.

He described how in the aftermath of the incident he and others rushed to the scene to offer any assistance they could. He said: ‘The government has called this meeting to make a point about how rare and sad this event is. ‘These things never happen here. It has affected the opinion of the island. The police have to investigate exactly what happened whilst she is under house arrest. ‘I ran to the scene after it happened to see if they needed assistance. There was a team of ambulances working around all the injured. It was horrible.’ Hotel director Miguel Angel Sordo told how he ran from the HL Rio Playa Blanca hotel when he heard piercing screams from passers-by who had witnessed the tragedy. He said the mum of the baby was desperately trying to revive the baby boy.

He said: ‘The baby was lying on the floor and a blonde lady dressed in black was trying to revive him. The health workers arrived immediately and took care of the baby. ‘I offered to help them and some health workers asked me to keep the victims who were lying on the ground awake and to speak to them in English so that they would be conscious. Then more paramedics arrived and, together with the rest, took charge of caring for all the injured.’ While Brown has yet to face a court in the island capital Arrecife feelings among locals was running high over the death crash. One man, who preferred to stay anonymous, suggested the opinion of the island is that she be made an ‘example of’ if guilty. He said: ‘The entire island is very upset and shaken by this incident, we want an example to be made. ‘The road where the terrible crash took place is very hard to have an accident on. ‘When you see the impact the vehicle had on the wall, it’s very clear she was moving at speed. If she was using drink and drugs while she was driving she should go to prison for this.’

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