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Nottingham incident

Nottingham incident – Two of the victims stabbed to death were students at the University of Nottingham. It is believed the two lived in the same university accommodation and were returning home after a night out when they were stabbed to death on Ilkeston Road, just minutes from the halls. Police also found another man dead on Magdala Road.

The two victims were young first-year students at the university returning from a night out clubbing, a friend revealed. A friend of the male victim told the Mirror: “He was a friend of mine. He was just walking home from a club like we all do. They just got unlucky. They were just five minutes from home and both got stabbed by some random guy.” Another eyewitness reported hearing “terrifying screams” before the knife attack, according to the Telegraph. According to a witness, around 4 am this morning, he saw a young man and woman get stabbed on Ilkeston Road, and said after the attack, the assailant calmly left the scene. The witness, who did not give his name, said: “Being a hot night, I had the window open and I just heard some awful, blood-curdling screams. “It’s often quite busy with people coming back from town and you get the usual boyfriend-girlfriend arguments, so I thought it was something like that.

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Details of the Nottingham incident

After officers were called to Ilkeston Road just after 4 am to find the two people dead in the street, they were then called to Milton Street, about a mile east, in the center of the city, to reports of a vehicle attack. A van had tried to run three people over and they have subsequently been rushed to hospital. It is believed all of the incidents are linked. This comes as the police said they are keeping an “open mind” regarding the motive. A 31-year-old man has been arrested by the police on suspicion of murder and is currently being held in custody. Due to an ongoing police investigation, several significant roads in the city center will remain closed. At present, authorities are not actively seeking any additional individuals in relation to the horror attack. A specialized team of detectives is diligently examining the circumstances surrounding the attacks.

Chief Constable Kate Meynell said: “This is a tragic series of events which has led to the lives of three innocent people being taken and left another member of the public in a critical condition in hospital. My thoughts are with all the families affected by this shocking incident, and we will be working extremely hard to understand exactly what has happened. We are at the early stages of the investigation and need to determine the motives behind these attacks and will keep the public updated as soon as we are able to say more. “We are keeping an open mind as we investigate the circumstances surrounding these incidents and are working alongside Counter Terrorism Policing to establish the facts – as we would normally do in these types of circumstances. We do have a man in custody who has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Currently, we do not believe there is anyone else involved in this incident. “It is safe to go into the city center but there are a number of streets that will remain closed including Ilkeston Road, Magdala Street, Milton Street, and Maple Street. This is so officers can gather evidence in order to understand what has happened.”

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