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Norton Blake, 43, was named by NYPD officials as the sole suspect in the attack on Laurell Reynolds, which occurred early Friday inside a Harlem subway station.

Officers questioned Blake but let him go without arresting him after he and Reynolds offered conflicting accounts of the attack, the New York Post reported. The handling of Blake by officers at the scene is now under investigation, sources said. An NYPD spokesperson had no comment when contacted by Victim Reynolds, who uses a walker, expressed her outrage, telling the Post in an interview at her bedside, “They should have arrested him!” ‘I don’t deserve that. Not at all, not at all… and I pray to God that it doesn’t happen to anyone else,” Reynolds said. “They need to keep that man off the street.” It’s unclear whether police watched the bystander’s attack video before or after releasing Blake. The video was filmed by a transit worker, who called the city’s Rail Control Center, which in turn called 911, while documenting the attack, authorities said. NYPD Transit Chief Michael Kemper named Blake as the main suspect in the attack at a news conference Tuesday.

Blake remained at large on Tuesday night, a police source confirmed to Within days of the attack, the two-minute clip of the beating went viral, prompting a search for the man in the footage after he managed to flee before police arrived. The attack occurred shortly before 3:30 a.m. Friday, as Reynolds, who lives in the Bronx, was headed to the subway station at West 116 Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem. In comments to the New York Post, Reynolds’ daughter revealed that she found out about the assault only after seeing the video online. “Now I know,” recalled Lashanne Reese, 41, also from the Bronx, after wondering why her mother never came to her apartment for a party she was having on Saturday after leaving her house to go home. and change. Of the harrowing images, which appeared to have been filmed from inside a subway toll booth, she said: “I’m hurt, it hurts.” “That man could have killed my mother,” she added, as her mother remains hospitalized and she is believed to be in stable condition.

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Norton Blake is 43 years old.

Investigation Report

You all did nothing. I have a problem with that.’ Blake has a long list of rap sheets, ranging from drug possession and assault to breaking and entering and resisting arrest, but he allegedly gave a false name to police on Friday. “We are looking for him and I am pretty sure that before long he will be arrested and charged with that assault,” Kemper told reporters after revealing that Blake was the only suspect. As for how the altercation occurred, the top transit cop said he and others believed the suspect and Reynolds had gotten into some type of argument while the victim was walking down one of the station’s stairs. “A witness [said] they were arguing over something that might have fallen,” Kemper said, stating that it was still unclear if the two knew each other. “He could have been helping her carry something up the stairs and something could have fallen, causing them to argue,” she theorized. The dispute soon escalated into one of the most egregious attacks on the system in recent memory, during which Blake allegedly punched Reynolds on the head, stomach, legs, arms, back and hands.

The beating, which began after Blake snatched the cane from the woman’s hands, continued as she fell to the ground and left thousands of people across the city and country shocked by the prolonged and relentless nature of it. Law enforcement sources further told the Post that Blake, while on the run, is well known to the NYPD and has prior arrests for drug possession, assault, burglary, resisting arrest, tampering with evidence and possession of stolen property. In two of the assault crimes, the suspect punched other NYPD officers, informants said: one in 2017 while resisting arrest and another in 2003, when he punched an officer in the face while he was outside. service. Reese told the Post that she wasn’t sure why her mother was in Harlem at the time of the assault and she lamented that no one on the platform jumped to help her when she was assaulted. ‘We are supposed to be a loving and caring community. It is unity in the community; If we put unity, we get a complete community,” Reese said.

“Them not doing that…that’s why it happens everywhere,” she continued. “This happens everywhere because there is no unity in our community.” Of the suspect he said through tears: He needs help – No, he shouldn’t be on the street. ‘He just attacked my mother and beat her with a cane. He don’t belong on the street. Subway crime has been labeled one of the city’s major crises and though statistics say transit offenses are down slightly, even progressive Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said last month he was afraid for his family when they road the subway. ‘I know the statistics that transit crime is down, but when one of my family members gets on the train, I, too, get a knot in my stomach,’ he told FOX 5 News when asked about the perception that the subway system is becoming increasingly unsafe. ‘I live here, I’m raising my family here, so we have a lot more work to do,’ he added. Major crime decreased 9.9 percent in the subway system in July from one year ago, according to the city’s statistics.

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