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Norelle Manzuri, 25, has not been heard from since Hamas militants attacked the event over the weekend.For days, her family in Israel and the United States have held out hope that she, her sister Roya and her fiancĂ© Amit may have been fleeing or hiding.Yesterday, the bodies of Roya and Amit were identified among those left at the music event, but there is still no sign of Norelle. In an interview with NBC, the girls’ mother, Sigal, said: “Either they are dead or they were kidnapped.” Her grieving father Menashe added: “We’re in hell right now, that’s where we are.” The girls studied at Temple Israel Hollywood in Los Angeles before moving to Tel Aviv. Norelle and Amit got engaged just two weeks ago.Friends of the family have created a GoFundMe page to support them. ‘As of today, 10/11/2023, Roya Manzuri and Amit Cohen have been identified as victims who were murdered at the music festival. ‘We still have hope that Norelle will return safely. We ask them to light a candle and say their names. “Your love and support of her are appreciated now more than ever,” organizers said. The number of Americans killed in the conflict has now risen to 25 and 17 people are missing.

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Norelle Manzuri is 25 years old.

Investigation Report

Yesterday, John Kirby, director of Strategic Communications at the National Security Council, said a “handful” of missing people had been taken hostage. It is still unclear how far the government will go to secure the release of the hostages. So far there has been no evidence of life of any of the kidnapped people. The father of an eight-year-old girl killed in the conflict said it was a relief for her to learn that she was dead and that Hamas was not holding her hostage. “They just said, ‘We found Emily, she’s dead,’ and I said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘Yes,’ and I smiled because that’s the best news of the possibilities I knew. ‘The best possibility I expected. ‘She was dead or in Gaza, and if you know anything about what they do to people in Gaza, that’s worse than death, that’s worse than death. ‘Because of the way they treat you, they don’t have food, they don’t have water. ‘She would be in a dark room with Christ who knows how many people and terrified every minute, hour, day and possible years to come. “So death was a blessing, an absolute blessing,” he exclaimed.

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