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Who is Noe Orlando Mendoza? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Suspect, Charged Murder, Arrested, Investigation Report

Noe Orlando Mendoza Wiki – Bio

Noe Orlando Mendoza, 38, stopped at a gas station, got out of his car and allegedly pulled out a gun, and started shooting at the two patrol cars.

The San Jose Police Department chief revealed that a suspect arrested last week for shooting and wounding officers had gone on a “hunt to kill” members of the force and even asked officers if they had killed any. after being arrested. The bullet hole in the police car’s windshield, centered where an officer had been moments before, is the most chilling sight I’ve ever seen,” Chief Anthony Mata said Tuesday at a news conference that provided details about the US-style attack. ambush on officers last week.

Two department patrol officers attempted to pull over suspect Mendoza Friday night “for driving erratically” and “to further investigate the driver’s unusual behavior,” Mata said. Mendoza stopped at a gas station, got out of his car, and allegedly pulled out a gun and began shooting at the two patrol cars. Both officers were inches from being hit by gunfire. Both officers acted quickly and bravely, returning fire as the suspect got back into his vehicle and fled,” Mata said.

Noe Orlando Mendoza Age

Noe Orlando Mendoza was 38 years old.

Suspect Who Shot Cops Arrested – Investigative Report

The suspect returned to his vehicle and drove to his home. However, officials were able to locate and surround the residence about two hours after the incident during the traffic stop. Mendoza attempted to flee through the backyard as officers approached and the suspect opened fire once more at police, striking and wounding one officer, according to Mata. Mendoza jumped onto the fence looking at the two officers and opened fire, discharging multiple rounds before fleeing in the opposite direction,” the chief said, adding that the officers did not return fire. Mendoza fled but was arrested a short time later.

Mata said the “hunt to kill” the Mendoza officers began earlier that night around 8 p.m., when the suspect’s car was seen in the parking lot of a police substation at the local airport. He was also seen following at least two marked patrol vehicles that night. Mendoza’s pattern of stalking San Jose police officers at three locations throughout the city gives us an idea of the deliberate and premeditated nature of his intent to kill officers that night,” the chief said. Mata added that after he was detained, Mendoza repeatedly asked if he had killed any officers. We train and prepare the best way we can to be ready for these attacks because we know they will happen,” Mata said. “Our officers received the best training available and their courage, discipline and training is what helped them survive this deadly encounter against a very determined and dangerous individual.”

The wounded officer received two shots to the body, one to the hip and another that hit his ballistic protective plate. He is now recovering at home, according to San Francisco Fox station KTVU. Mendoza has used “several” aliases throughout his life, according to police, and has a criminal record with more than a dozen charges related to illegal weapons and drugs in areas stretching from Oregon to Arizona. He now faces charges of attempted murder against a police officer.

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