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Nina Fathizadeh and Shahin Gheblehshenas Wiki – Biography

Nina Fathizadeh, 41, and her mother, Shahin Gheblehshenas, 64, are charged with felony child endangerment and are expected to be arraigned Dec. 6, the County District Attorney’s Office announced. of Santa Clara in an October 13 press release. Authorities said no adults were watching three young children at Happy Happy Daycare in San Jose when they fell or jumped into a backyard pool. Police responded to the licensed daycare after Fathizadeh called 911 around 9 a.m. m. on October 2 to report that she had drowned. Authorities said her mother was at another daycare, which was reportedly unlicensed, when the toddlers drowned after going through an open pool gate.

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Nina Fathizadeh, 41, and Shahin Gheblehshenas, 64, years old

Investigation Report

A daycare worker had called in sick that day, so four children were being watched by one person: Fathizadeh, authorities said. While preparing breakfast, Fathizadeh allegedly put one child in a crib and allegedly let the other three children play unsupervised in the backyard play area. About five minutes later, when Fathizadeh entered the yard she saw an unconscious 2-year-old boy floating in the pool, according to the district attorney’s office. While attempting to perform CPR, her brother found two other children, girls ages 16 and 18 months, floating in the depths. The girls were later pronounced dead. The 2-year-old boy was left in critical condition but is expected to make a full recovery. Investigators said neither homeowner had checked the door before they took the children into the backyard to play. “There is a responsibility to watch the young children in your care like a hawk,” said District Attorney Jeff Rosen. “It is now our responsibility to ensure that these defendants are held accountable for this heartbreaking and avoidable tragedy.” It is unclear whether Fathizadeh and Gheblehshenas have hired a lawyer to speak on her behalf.

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