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Nikita Piil, a woman who suffered serious injuries after being mauled by her two pet Rottweilers, could soon have her second dog euthanized after the animal was deemed “dangerous” by the local council. Nikita Piil, 31, was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital on September 16 with injuries to her arms and legs after being attacked by her Bronx and Harlem dogs. Her family said she had since undergone several surgeries and battled a bacterial infection. A seven-year-old Bronx boy was euthanized after police had to shoot the dog when Tasers failed.

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Nikita Piil is 31 years old.

Dangerous Rottweiler may be euthanized after mauling owner

But first responders managed to lock Harlem in the garage at the time of the attack. Following the attack, the City of Cockburn launched an investigation into the incident. Head of community safety and ranger services Michael Emery said the seized dog had been declared “dangerous”. The dog remains housed at an animal management center. “Ms. Piil, or her representative, has until Saturday … to comply with state requirements regarding the keeping of dangerous dogs,” Emery said in a statement. “If Ms. Piil is unable to comply, the city will have no choice but to euthanize the dog, following any appeal period.” Complaints were made last year about the dogs for “excessive barking” but there were no reports of attacks before the violent incident. In a 2020 social media post, Piil referred to the dogs as her “babies.” A GoFundMe page has raised more than $18,000 to cover the cost of Ms. Piil’s medical bills. Her family said she “got caught in crossfire while calming her dogs” when she was attacked. “We almost lost our precious girl a couple of times… but as everyone knows, Nikita is our little fighter,” they said.

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