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Model Nichole “Nikki” Coats is one of two models found dead in their respective apartments in the same area of the city just days apart, sparking fears that they were both murdered. Coats’ family became concerned after the 32-year-old abruptly stopped responding to text messages, prompting her father, Guy, and aunt May Stevens to check on her at the luxury apartment complex where she lived. Guy used a spare key fob to get into the apartment and described what he saw as her worst nightmare. “I went over to her bed and touched her arm because it was outstretched,” Guy told The Post. “I had a blanket over her and I touched her arm, but her whole body was swollen, like inflamed. “I looked at his face and immediately turned away because I just couldn’t stand it. I knew immediately that she had already passed away.” The beautiful model, 5-foot-8, had large bruises on her forehead and her lower lip “looked busted,” her father said.

Her face was so bruised and swollen that the only way they could identify her was by her tattoos. Coats was found on September 10 and alarm bells were raised two days later when Maleesa Mooney, 31, was also found dead in her apartment. Mooney, a model who also worked as a real estate agent in Beverly Hills, lived in the luxurious Skye at Bunker Hill apartments, about three miles from Coats’ building. Her family also alerted the Los Angeles police after Mooney did not return her calls or text messages. Los Angeles police found Mooney’s body inside Skye’s apartment and her case was declared a homicide. Although they have not released details, detectives have reached out to the public for help identifying possible suspects responsible for Mooney’s death. LAPD officials told The Post they could not confirm or deny whether the two cases are related. A few days before her death, her cousins and friends visited Coats and everything seemed fine, relatives said.

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Nichole “Nikki” was 32 years old.

Two models found dead in downtown L.A. apartments

Guy said his daughter had plans to take a trip to Cancun, Mexico, with friends the week she was found dead. She had also recently received a raise from the beauty brand company where she worked, so she was in “very good spirits.” “At first I was worried about her moving there because I used to go downtown in the 1970s and she’s really changed since then, but the people there haven’t,” Guy said. “But she always told me how discreet she was when coming in and out and that she was very cautious.” Guy said he didn’t notice anything unusual when he entered Coats’ apartment. There were no signs of forced entry and her laptop, cell phone and her wallet were found inside. Nikki worked mostly from home, he said. When he found the lifeless body of his daughter in the bed, Guy noticed the strange way he was positioned and saw a red liquid on the bed.

“She was only wearing panties and one of her arms was outstretched,” Guy said. “I couldn’t look for long and had to turn around, but I saw that her fingers were starting to blacken at the tips.” Coats’ family continues to struggle to understand what may have happened in the last hours she was alive, and her friends have created a GoFundMe to help the family. “Nikki’s vibrant personality touched and affected everyone she encountered,” wrote John Clark, who organized the fundraiser. “She is known as an incredible daughter, friend and soul. Her untimely passing has left us shocked.” Guy said his daughter, who was born in Long Beach, California, had a full life and began her modeling career when she was 14 years old. At age 24, Coats moved to New York to pursue modeling and work in the fashion and beauty industries.She returned to Los Angeles in 2021 to be with her family during the COVID-19 pandemic. After a year living with her family, she moved into a luxurious apartment in downtown Los Angeles in December 2022. “She was expecting a lot of things,” Guy said. “My daughter was a very sweet young woman and she was very loved. She had so many friends who loved her very much. “We just want to know what happened to her.”

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