Nayeli Tapia, Yuliana Macias and Denisse Reyna Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, 3 women were Found dead with their Throats Slit


Nayeli Tapia, Yuliana Macias and Denisse Reyna Wiki – Biography

After going missing on April 4, Nayeli Tapia, 21, Yuliana Macias, 21, and Denisse Reyna, 19, were discovered buried in a shallow grave with their throats slit on April 7. It is suspected they were tortured, killed, and buried on April 5 before local fishermen reported a foul odour and a dog sniffing around the region alongside the Esmeraldas River near Quininde a few days later.

According to the Ecuadorean news outlet Vistazo, which spoke with victims’ friends and family, Tapia, the mother of a four-year-old daughter, sent her sister a WhatsApp message with her live location and the words “I’m just sending you just in case” at 11:10 p.m. on April 4. She was never seen or heard from again.

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ayeli Tapia, 21, Yuliana Macias, 21, and Denisse Reyna, 19,

On a beach vacation, three women were found dead with their throats slit

According to the magazine, the spot was close where the three women were discovered dead. According to Vistazo, Reyna texted a friend hours before she went missing, saying, “I feel like something is going to happen, and if something happens to me, remember that I love you very much. Their three bodies, which were discovered buried, were tied up and their mouths were covered, according to local media. There were also indications that they had been tortured. They were young, had beach clothes, bathing suits, light clothing, and shorts,” Diego Velastegui of the Quininde Police Department told local media. They lived roughly 49 miles from where they were discovered dead.

Police also discovered a mobile phone, which police hope will help them figure out what happened as they continue to hunt for the culprit or perpetrators. Macias’ aunt, Paulina Rueda, claimed the family had received death threats for seeking justice and urged the public not to blame the young women’s murders on drug trafficking.

The province of Esmeraldas, where they were believed to have been killed and buried, has been under a state of emergency since March 3 due to high levels of crime and violence, as well as a territorial war between competing drug trafficking groups. Macias was a singer, Tapia was a mother, and Reyna was a student of agricultural engineering. Macias was said to desire to travel and pursue a second career in psychology or law, but Tapia planned to relocate to Spain with her kid and Reyna to the United States with a friend, both in quest of better prospects.

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