Nathaniel Huey Jr. and Ermalinda Palomo Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Died in a fiery car crash after a police chase in Oklahoma


Nathaniel Huey Jr. and Ermalinda Palomo Wiki – Biography

Nathaniel Huey Jr., 31, and his fiancée, Ermalinda Palomo, 50, died in a fiery car crash after a police chase in Oklahoma on Sept. 20, according to body camera footage obtained by ABC 7 Chicago. Video from the Catoosa Police Department, near Tusla, shows the wreckage following a brief chase that occurred after officers received a notification from a digital license plate reader that the vehicle was wanted in connection with a suspect of murder. Officers yelled at the couple to get out of the car when it caught fire after hitting the highway median, and police heard two gunshots, according to the footage. The video shows an officer leaning over the barrier, hitting the driver’s window with a baton to break it as flames engulf the hood of the car. Palomo was pulled from the car with a gunshot wound and taken to a hospital, where she died.

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Nathaniel Huey Jr., 31, and Ermalinda Palomo, 50, years old.

Cause of Death

Her family insisted to ABC 7 Chicago that she had nothing to do with the murder of the Romeoville family. Huey was found with a gunshot wound and pronounced dead at the scene, just three days after the quadruple murder. Both were named persons of interest in the deaths of Alberto Rolón, 38, Zoraida Bartolomei, 32, and their two sons, Adriel, 10, and Diego, 7, who were found dead during a welfare check. On September 1. 17. The family and their pets were shot to death, police said. Authorities have not revealed a motive for the murders and Romeoville police said there is still an active investigation. The family had moved to Romeoville just four months before his tragic end. Their children were students at RC Hill Primary School. “They were hard-working people who had just bought their first home. Her children were the sweetest, most innocent angels who could embrace your worries,” a GoFundMe page states. “In just a few hours his life, the life of his family, changed completely. The world will be a much darker place without them.”

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