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Nathan Carman Wiki – Bio

Federal prosecutors accuse Nathan Carman, 29, of shooting to death his grandfather, John Chakalos, a former Army paratrooper and self-made billionaire, as part of a scheme to collect from the family trust fund.

He received $550,000 after his grandfather’s death in 2013 and allegedly spent it over the next three years. That’s when, prosecutors say, he sank his own boat, killed his mother at sea, and filed an $85,000 insurance claim. Judge Geoffrey W. Crawford scheduled the trial on charges of murder and federal wire fraud for October 2-20.

Chakalos, in an online obituary, was described as a “self-made man” and real estate developer with a passion for philanthropy and family. One month before his alleged murder, his wife of 59 years died of cancer. During the war, Chakalos served in the Philippines, where he “participated in numerous high-risk missions.” Carman, on the other hand, failed out of community college while Chakalos paid for his truck and apartment, according to court documents. Grandpa also footed the bill for riding lessons and room and board for a pony.

Nathan Carman Age

Nathan Carman is 29 years old.

Nathan Carman accused of murdering Mother at Sea, fatally shooting his wealthy grandfather

Prosecutors accused Carman of shooting his grandfather with a rifle in December 2013. In 2016, prosecutors allege, Carman invited her mother, Linda Carman, to go fishing in his 31-foot boat called the Chicken Pox. She sank. His mother was never found. And a private vessel recovered Carman floating in a lifeboat in the Atlantic a week later.

Carman then filed an $85,000 insurance claim for the sunken boat, which the insurer denied and fought in court. Simply put, the accused scheme involves money, murder and misrepresentations,” wrote Assistant U.S. Attorneys Paul van de Graaf and Nathanael Burris in a dismantling of Carman’s arguments in a pair of documents filed this week.

Carman’s lawyers took the unusual step of demanding the grand jury minutes last week, requesting a list of details about his federal indictment. Grand jury proceedings are generally kept secret, and there is a high burden to force the court to compel their disclosure, according to authorities. Prosecutors argued that the assertions in their motions were insufficient. It does not offer specific evidence that anything inappropriate occurred during the grand jury proceedings,” van de Graaf and Burris wrote. “Rather, it is based on faulty readings of the charges and the law.”

They added that routine discovery practices would also provide the defense with copies of grand jury testimony from federal agents. Although Carman has only been charged with one count of murder in the death of his mother, prosecutors said they still charge him with killing his grandfather.

“The fraud scheme outlined in Counts One through Six charges Carman with committing two murders, the murder of his grandfather and the murder of his mother, in order to gain access to millions of dollars in a trust fund and conceal his responsibility for those murders. they said. he wrote.

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