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Natasha Johnston, 28, died of multiple bites to the neck, including one that punctured her jugular vein, in the frenzy that occurred while walking eight dogs at the Gravelly Hill beauty spot in Caterham, Surrey, on January 12. The dog responsible is believed to be Natasha’s American Bully XL and the dog was euthanized as a result of the inquest findings into her death, while two small dachshunds from the group were returned to her owner in April. But the remaining five dogs are in limbo. They were said to be being kept in kennels at an undisclosed location while police spoke to the owners about the recommendations in the vet’s report. Now it has emerged that the animals are still being kept there at taxpayer expense with no set time limit on when a decision will be made about their future, such as the six-month marker since the incident happened this week.

After the attack, police obtained a forensic report from a veterinarian which was passed to the Surrey coroner ahead of an inquest into the tragedy. The owners are awaiting a decision from Guildford Magistrates Court after police applied for control orders to be put in place. The court may make an order that a dog be kept under proper control and impose conditions such as a leash or muzzle, or may order the animal to be euthanized. One of the dogs is an 11-stone Leonberger who was featured on a BBC TV show about troublesome puppies, and was renamed Shiva because he was so unruly. The pet appeared with owner Delia Lewis, on BBC Two’s 10 Puppies and Us in 2017.Originally named Maple, she was filmed running through the house of professional psychic Mrs. Lewis and going to the bathroom on the rug. After the incident, Ms Lewis posted on social media that the dog, whose name she had to change due to his unruly behaviour, was ‘one of the missing’. She added: “She is a Leonberger please if she has any information tell me where to go or what to do.”

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Natasha Johnston was 28 years old.

Five dogs are still in private kennels away from their owners six months after professional walker was mauled to death

Surrey Police told MailOnline: “As part of our investigation, an expert veterinary report was obtained, which was then shared with the Surrey coroner. ‘As a result of this, two dogs (both Dachshunds) were returned to their owner at the end of April and one dog, belonging to the deceased, was put to sleep. The other five dogs remain in private kennels pending a decision from Guildford Magistrates Court regarding control orders. “There is no time limit on how long this process can take.” While Natasha’s own pet is believed to have inflicted the fatal injuries, witnesses at the time said multiple dogs joined in the attack. A local said Natasha had yelled at passersby to “move back” when the dogs pounced. Another woman was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening bite injuries to her and was later released. After the horrific attack, friends paid tribute to “bubbly and beautiful” Mrs. Johnston, who loved dogs and had experience handling her.

Jo Butchers, 34, a childhood home friend of hers from Ryde on the Isle of Wight, said: “Long walks in the countryside with the dogs were her thing.” “She walked a lot of dogs here, not as a professional but with her own dogs and those of her friends. She then moved and that became her job in London. She grew up with dogs, so she always loved them. At the time of the tragedy, Tandridge local council said she did not have a license to walk dogs in the district. But Butchers insisted that Johnston, who lived in Croydon, south London, was an experienced professional who had obtained the license from her. The attack raised questions about different council rules about how many dogs a person can walk at one time. Most tips vary between four and six dogs. Surrey Police previously confirmed that a criminal investigation had been closed and no one was being prosecuted. The Surrey Coroner and Guildford Magistrates did not respond to a request for comment.

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