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Natalie Navarro was accused of killing 21-year-old Arturo Pena on Friday, three days after he was found shot to death inside a car in Garland, Texas. Police are also searching for another suspect, Yordy Martinez, 21, in connection with the murder. Martinez was listed as a suspect in Navarro’s disappearance when the AMBER Alert was issued on Friday, after police received reports that she disappeared under “suspicious circumstances” from an apartment complex in East Dallas around 1:30. A.M. Both she and Martínez had arrest warrants in connection with Peña’s murder at the time of the AMBER Alert, and Martínez is feared to have fled across the US-Mexico border while remaining at large. Garland police have not provided further details about the circumstances that led to Navarro’s disappearance and arrest, and say they are still “trying to figure out exactly” how the three individuals met.

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Natalie Navarro is 17 years old.

17-year-old subject of Dallas AMBER Alert suspect in Garland murder

Police discovered Peña inside his car around 10 a.m. on Aug. 29 following reports that he was found unconscious, before it was determined that he had been fatally shot. According to Fox4, he had been reported missing to the Dallas Police Department two days earlier. Officers zeroed in on Martinez and Navarro during their investigation and obtained warrants after identifying them as persons of interest in the case. The investigation took a strange turn when Navarro, who had not been charged at the time, became the focus of the AMBER Alert. Police have said the circumstances surrounding her disappearance met the conditions for the warning, but have not provided further details about the circumstances. Police located her and arrested her within an hour, saying she was “safe and in custody.”

Martinez, whom police initially listed as a suspect in the AMBER Alert, is believed to have escaped in a dark gray four-door vehicle, and it is feared he may have fled to Mexico. The 21-year-old, who police say is missing a front tooth, has a criminal record that includes a felony charge for allegedly shooting a gun at a home in Garland last November. Exact details about the murder and subsequent arrest warrants have not been confirmed by police, who say they are still investigating evidence of the murder. “There’s a lot of things coming to light, we’ve collected a lot of evidence, so we’re trying to process everything right now,” said Lt. Richard Maldonado with the Garland Police Department. When asked about a potential motive, he said investigators “haven’t fully determined it yet.”

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