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The devastated husband of Australian writer Natalie Fornasier wrote a very moving post after her death from metastatic melanoma. The 28-year-old woman reportedly died on January 14 after years of battling the disease.

Eight years ago, when Fornasier was on vacation in Greece, he noticed a change in the shape of a birthmark on his toe, according to the Daily Mail. Doctors later told him it was cancer. At that time, his toe reportedly had to be amputated and lymph nodes in his groin removed. Things eventually took a turn for the worse before she died earlier this month.

Alexander, whom Fornasier met five years ago and married just two months ago in November 2022, wrote on Instagram: “Not sure I have the right words yet so let me share something my beautiful wife had written.” before quoting her, “Have confidence. Accept your disability. Do not hide it or diminish its existence. It’s a piece of your puzzle and every time you share it, it’s an opportunity to define yourself by your own standards. Because telling your story has power, and it’s not only powerful for you, but also for others.”


Natalie Fornasier was 28 years old.

Natalie Fornasier dies after battle with melanoma

Alexander continued: “By doing just that, Natalie had, she continues to have, and always will have an immeasurable impact on the lives of countless people. ‘Immeasurable’ and ‘uncountable’ – Those words don’t feel strong enough, do they? But you know what I mean… the feeling of something lasting, opportunity, showing the potential of yourself and who you can be. The feeling that she believes in you, even if you don’t know her personally. The feeling of warmth and comfort.”

The devastated man also mentioned how amazing his late wife was, who had a “beautiful soul.” He said: “The soul of a writer, a poet, someone who seemed to have lived many lives. The beautiful soul I fell in love with. With whom I had the incredible privilege of having come across. I love you, Natalie, always, forever.”

She will never leave you

Alexander also expressed his gratitude towards his fans, adding, “Lastly, thank you. Natalie was so incredibly touched by not only her generosity, but the love you’ve shown her over the past few months. Thank you to each of you who have donated, messaged her, prayed for her, and thought of her. In Natalie’s words: ‘She Loves as much as you can’-Alexander.”

His words left many people emotional as one person commented, “She will never leave you. Or us. Another user wrote: “Sending you so much love Alex. She will always watch over you. Pain-free. I will never forget the impact she had on so many of us. Rest easy Natalia.

A third said: “Natalie is smiling with you, hugging you and us right now. Beautiful words for our beautiful girl xxxx”. “Thank you for taking the time to write this. Thanks to Natalie, I committed to going to a derm and getting my moles checked out. Her story is so powerful and her impact is profound, we love you guys,” added a fourth.

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