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British mother Nakita Harden revealed she almost died from sepsis after allegedly cutting her thumb on the inside of a bowling ball. “At first I didn’t think about any of that. You get scratched all the time,” Harden, 33, told Caters news agency. Harden was bowling with her boyfriend, Jordan, when she cut herself after placing her fingers inside the holes of the bowling ball. Later that night, she notified her boyfriend that she was feeling excruciating pain in her thumb. “‘My thumb doesn’t feel very good,’ and he looked at it,” she said. “He saw little red dots on my arm. “It was obviously not a tracking line at that time.” Her boyfriend mentioned that he read an article that said line tracking could develop due to blood poisoning, but the couple wasn’t bothered. “We were a little worried, but I didn’t feel bad,” she admitted. “He said, ‘Well, if it gets worse, you’re going to have to go to the hospital because it could be sepsis.'” The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes sepsis as “the body’s extreme response to an infection.” and a “life-threatening medical emergency.” Unfortunately, Harden’s condition worsened overnight and he woke up feeling weak.

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Nakita Harden is 33 years old.

Almost died of sepsis after bowling

I woke up very, very thirsty at some point during the night. I tried to go down the stairs and could barely make it. But I needed a drink, so I got there, had a drink, and then went upstairs. Harden immediately told his partner that he was not feeling well and that he needed to go to the hospital urgently. When they arrived at the hospital, it was full of people waiting to be treated. Fortunately, the medical staff noticed Harden’s serious condition. “I thought I might die between now and them taking care of me, but they called me pretty quickly,” he said. The doctor alerted Harden that he would need antibiotics and that he would undergo surgery to clear the infection from his thumb, but revealed that they would not have to amputate the finger. Harden stayed awake during the surgery and watched the procedure take place. “I tried to observe them. I felt them dig into the bone and felt a little dizzy. “I thought I was going to faint,” he said. The Norfolk, United Kingdom, resident couldn’t help but think about her two children while they were in surgery. “I have two sons. They were what was going through my head. I thought, ‘What if I never see them again? “They were at their father’s house the day I went bowling with my boyfriend.”

The doctors removed as much of the infection as possible, but couldn’t stitch the wound because it was on the knuckle. Harden was worried that he would no longer have a knuckle after the operation, but fortunately, the part of his hand that was removed with the infection grew back and he made a full recovery. “I had to go back to the hand clinic to have the bandages changed and stuff. I had to keep it super sterile and then it healed,” he said. “If I cut myself now, even if it’s just a small cut, I’ll always put Germolene [antiseptic] or something on it just in case.” Infections that cause sepsis usually begin in the lungs, urinary tract, skin, or gastrointestinal tract. Without prompt treatment, sepsis can quickly lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “It’s very serious, but it’s easily preventable if you know what to look for,” Harden said. Symptoms of sepsis to look out for are elevated heart rate, weak pulse, fever, chills, confusion, difficulty breathing, extreme pain, and clammy or sweaty skin, the CDC adds. “If you think you might have sepsis, don’t hesitate to go to the hospital,” Harden added.

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