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Nael M, a 17-year-old delivery driver, was shot and killed by a police officer Tuesday in a Paris neighborhood, according to his family’s lawyers. The killing sparked riots in which enraged people set fire to barricades and police fired tear gas. The police officer was detained on suspicion of manslaughter, according to the prosecutor’s office in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. It said the incident took place during a traffic check. The victim was wounded by a gunshot and died at the scene, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement. A passenger in the car was briefly detained and released, and police are searching for another passenger who fled.

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Nahel M Age

Nahel M was 17 years old.

Tensions rise in a Paris suburb following the death of a 17-year-old delivery driver in a police standoff

The lethal use of firearms is less common in France than in the United States, and Tuesday’s death drew national attention. A team of three attorneys for the driver identified him as 17-year-old Nahel M M. In a statement, the lawyers rejected a police statement that the officers’ lives were in danger because the driver had threatened to run them over. The lawyers cited a video of the incident circulating online showing two police officers leaning on the driver’s side window of a yellow car before the vehicle drives away and an officer fires at the driver. The car is later seen crashing into a nearby pole.

The death sparked unrest in the streets of Nanterre. Local residents held a protest outside the police headquarters. Some groups set alight barricades and garbage bins, smashed up a bus stop, and threw firecrackers toward police, who responded with tear gas and dispersion grenades, according to videos broadcast on local media. In recent years, several people have died or been injured at the hands of French police, sparking calls for greater accountability. Following the death of George Floyd by police in Minnesota, France saw rallies against racial profiling and other injustices.

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