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Murray Hooper was executed by the state of Arizona on Wednesday morning after the Supreme Court rejected Hooper’s final appeals. Hooper’s execution marks the third death sentence Arizona has handed down since executions resumed in May after a nearly eight-year hiatus, and after Hooper spent nearly four decades on death row. Hooper was convicted of his role in a murder-for-hire involving several co-defendants, but Hooper was the only defendant executed for the crime.

Hooper Age

Murray Hooper was 76 years old.

Hooper sentenced to death

Hooper received a death sentence for the murder-for-hire of Pat Redmond and Helen Phelps and the attempted murder of Marilyn Redmond in Phoenix. According to court documents, Hooper was hired to kill Pat Redmond. As Marilyn Redmond (Pat’s wife) and Helen Phelps (Marilyn’s mother) were preparing a festive dinner for New Year’s Eve 1980, Hooper invaded their home at gunpoint, demanding jewelry, money, and weapons. Hooper forced the three people into a bedroom, then bound, gagged and shot all three in the head, and slit Pat Redmond’s throat, court records show. Marilyn Redmond somehow survived the ordeal while the others died from her injuries.
After a 25-minute delay in the execution process, Hooper’s last words were reported to be: “All is said and done. Let it be done I would like to thank all my lawyers and loved ones. Don’t be sad for me. don’t cry Don’t say goodbye, but say see you later. Let’s go. During his nearly 40 years in prison, Hooper consistently maintained his innocence.

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