Who was Murad Abu Murad? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Head of Hamas’s aerial forces killed in overnight Gaza strike


Murad Abu Murad Wiki – Murad Abu Murad Biography

Murad Abu Murad, a senior Hamas official who helped orchestrate last week’s murderous attack in Israel, was killed during an overnight airstrike, according to the Israeli Air Force. Murad is the head of Hamas’ Air Force, the Jerusalem Post reported, citing Hebrew media. The country also recovered the bodies of several citizens missing during a raid on Gaza, the IDF confirmed. The remains were transported back to Israel.

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Murad Abu Murad age was not mentioned.

Hamas Leader Who Oversaw “Aerial Operations” Killed In Israeli Airstrike

On Friday, Israel dropped thousands of leaflets in Gaza imploring citizens to “leave immediately,” while Hamas urged residents to ignore the orders. Israel ordered the mass evacuation of up to 1.1 million Palestinians from the northern Gaza Strip in the next 24 hours, ahead of a possible ground invasion targeting Hamas terrorists. Hamas, meanwhile, dismissed the warning and told citizens to “stay firm in their homes” and “stand firm in the face of this disgusting psychological war.” Jews around the world are advised to take extra caution on Friday after Hamas called for a global “day of rage.” Israelis abroad were urged to avoid rallies and demonstrations that could turn violent. The death toll now stands at 1,300 in Israel, including 27 Americans, and another 1,900 in Gaza. Israeli officials said the siege on Gaza will not be lifted until hostages taken by Hamas return home.

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