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Mulayam Singh Yadav Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Arrested, Investigation

Mulayam Singh Yadav Wiki – Bio

An Indian man, Mulayam Singh Yadav, was arrested last month for helping his Pakistani wife enter the country without any legal documents and making a fake ID card for her, the BBC reported.

With the two countries sharing an extremely bitter relationship, Mulayam Singh Yadav, now 21, from India, and Iqra Jeewani, 19, from Pakistan have an interesting yet tragic story of forbidden love. The young couple met online three years ago when they were both just teenagers. Interestingly, they didn’t meet through social media, but through an online board game, Ludo. They fell in love knowing that it would be almost impossible for them to be together since obtaining visas to travel can be difficult.

However, with Jeewani’s family putting pressure on her to get married, the two decided to get married. Following Yadav’s advice, the young woman traveled to Nepal last September where her partner was already waiting for her. After the two got married, they moved to Bangalore, India, where they began living together.


Mulayam Singh Yadav is 21 years old.

Love story between Pakistan and India that ended tragically

However, their happiness was short-lived. In January, Jeewani was arrested for entering the country illegally and Yadav was jailed for fraud and forgery. Last week, the 19-year-old was sent back to Pakistan while Yadav remains in a Bangalore prison. We want them home,” said Yadav’s brother, Jeetlal. The man’s family supports the couple and believes that the two lovers should not be punished for falling in love.

“We understand the situation between India and Pakistan. But all they did was fall in love,” Jeetlal was quoted as saying by the BBC. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a police officer told the outlet that he too believed the story appeared to be simply one of love. The unique and tragic love story began during the COVID-19 lockdown. At the time, Yadav was working as a security guard while Jeewani was studying in Hyderabad, Pakistan.

Although they were in a long-distance relationship for a couple of years, after Jeewani’s family pressured her to get married, she had to leave the country for Nepal. According to police, the couple married in a Hindu ceremony. In order to stay with her wife, Yadav got a fake identity card for her and took her to India. There, the man would go out to work while the wife stayed at home. However, he frequently called home via WhatsApp, which led to the end of her love affair.

Police authorities were reportedly already on high alert last month due to major international events taking place in the city. As of now, no crime has been committed against her other than entering the country illegally,” S Girish, deputy police commissioner in Bangalore’s Whitefield district, told the BBC. While the girl is now in Pakistan and she is reportedly at her home, Yadav’s mother hopes the governments can help reunite the two. We don’t care if she is Muslim or Pakistani, she is our daughter-in-law. We will take good care of her,” she said. This is not the first love story between Pakistan and India. A woman in love was caught by Indian police at the Attari border in Amritsar as she tried to cross to Pakistan last June.

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