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Montanna Russell the Victim – A 14-year-old girl has been charged with hazardous driving resulting in death after her car collided with the back of a truck, killing her 15-year-old friend.

The alleged stolen Holden Captiva collided with a truck on the Hume Highway in Locksley, northern Victoria, around 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday. Montanna Russell, 15, who was in the front seat, died at the scene. The defendant teen sustained upper body injuries and was taken to the hospital in stable condition. She has been released on bail and will face juvenile court at a later date. A 12-year-old boy who was also inside the vehicle was taken to Royal Children’s Hospital in stable condition. It is understood that the Captiva and the truck were traveling north on the highway when the car struck the right side of the rear of the truck.

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Montanna Russell was 15 years old.

Locksley car accident: 14-year-old charged in the fatal car crash that killed Montanna Russell, 15

Superintendent Michael Layton said he was “driving erratically” on the highway before the accident. “Tragically, before the police had a chance to intervene, the collision was reported,” he said. “(It is) a life-changing event unfortunately for the family of the late 15-year-old girl.” He explained that the Captiva was reported stolen from a home in the Wangaratta area just before midnight on Tuesday. The car was (allegedly) taken from a driveway in the North East, near Wangaratta, and those circumstances obviously form part of the investigation as to the occupants, where they traveled, what they were doing and where they had been. before the collision occurs.’

The teenagers in the car are believed to be friends from the Wangaratta region, according to the superintendent. “This is a tragic scene and high-risk behavior on the part of young people. It’s totally preventable and I would also say it’s probably every parent’s worst nightmare who might be dealing with rebellious teenagers and young people,” he said. Montana’s ex-boyfriend Toby Blanchard, 17, and his family said they will miss his ‘adventurous’ spirit with Toby saying ‘nobody deserves this’. “It is heartbreaking what has happened. I will miss being with her at the beach and watching movies and playing Fortnite all day,” he told the Herald Sun.

The truck driver, Clint Sneddon, 45, was not injured in the crash and is assisting police with their investigation. “They hit me so hard they shook me,” Sneddon told Nine News. They were yelling and screaming. He described the accident as “terrible” and said he was “an innocent person” who now had to “deal with it.” He has urged anyone with information about the crash or dash cam footage to contact police

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