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Mohammed Taroos Khan Wiki – Bio

Mohammed Taroos Khan was found guilty of murdering his 20-year-old niece in a so-called “honour killing” before dumping her body in a vacant lot after she refused to forcefully marry a cousin.

Mohammed Taroos Khan, 53, was found guilty of killing Somaiya Begum in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in July 2022. He has been on trial at Bradford Crown Court for the past 10 days. He denied the murder after the body of Somaiya Begum, 20, of Binnie Street, Barkerend, Bradford, was found on July 6 last year, but admitted to disposing of her body.

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Mohammed Taroos Khan Age

Mohammed Taroos Khan is 53 years old.

Long metal spike that was embedded in Miss Begum’s back

The court heard harrowing details of how the promising young university student met a brutal death before her body was dumped on a vacant lot on the outskirts of Bradford city centre. Dr Kirsten Hope, a Home Office forensic pathologist, told the court that she was unable to determine her cause of death during her autopsy due to her state of decomposition.

But she determined that Miss Begum had been murdered and ruled out her death from natural causes or disease. She also found a 10.7 cm long metal spike that was embedded in Miss Begum’s back and had penetrated her lung and said that strangulation was a possibility.

The court heard that Miss Begum’s father, the defendant’s brother, Mohammed Yaseen Khan, had been the subject of a forced marriage protection order after he tried to get his daughter to marry his cousin in Pakistan when she was 16 years.

Jury were told Yaseen Khan was “furious” that Miss Begum reported him to the police for the attempted forced marriage and was “red-hot with rage”. Mohammed Khan refused to testify at his trial and his lawyer Zafar Ali KC told the jury: “Taroos Khan had no reason to harm his niece. Who had reason?

“Of course it was Yaseen Khan, his father humiliated by him, a father who had lost his supposed honor. “That’s who had a motive.” But today, the jury found Mohammed Khan guilty of murder. He will be sentenced tomorrow.

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