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Milagros Soto, an Argentine girl died while attempting the deadly ‘choking challenge’ that went viral on TikTok. Reportedly, she was able to do the challenge twice successfully, before succumbing on her third attempt. “We are heartbroken [because] we gave her so much love,” the victim’s aunt, Laura Luque, told Jam Press about the tragic death of her niece on January 13. The neighbor of Capitán Bermúdez, province of Santa Fe, was found dead at her home. her after allegedly participating in one of these strange challenges that became popular on the TikTok platform.

According to local outlet El Litoral, She was found hanging from a makeshift noose while attempting what some are calling the “blackout challenge,” which involves internet influence seekers attempting this trick all the way to the stage where they suffocate until they pass out. . Several experts have already warned about this dangerous challenge, which can cause brain damage, blackouts, seizures and other worse consequences. “On the third occasion, she could not remove the rope from her neck,” says Luque. “I think someone encouraged her to do it. She suffered a lot from bullying, ”added the aunt, while the camera recorded her death.

Milagros Soto Age

Milagros Soto was 12 years old.

Milagros Soto 12-Year-Old Girl Dies From Viral TikTok Trend

“She told us that nobody wanted her at school because she was pretty with blonde hair,” she continued before explaining that she had “many doubts about everything that happened to her” since “she was a very intelligent girl,” reported El Litoral. Authorities have already launched an investigation into the tragic death of the 12-year-old girl and are trying to get to the root cause of it. A spokesman for Escuela 223 El Gral Pablo Ricchieri, the school Soto attended, described the deceased student as a “great student, friend, sweet, good and kind.” They added: “We stand with our student’s family at this terrible time.”

The other victims who fell for the trap were British youths Leon Brown, 14, and Archie Battersbee, 12, who allegedly died over the summer attempting the same dangerous viral challenge, according to the New York Post. The popular social media app is also being sued after two California girls hanged themselves after watching the “blackout challenge” video on the TikTok app. The lawsuit states: “TikTok has invested billions of dollars to intentionally design and develop its product to encourage, enable, and deliver content to adolescents and children that Defendant knows to be problematic and highly detrimental to the mental health of its minor users.

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