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Mike and Melissa Washer Wiki – Biography

Mike and Melissa Washer, Conservative neighbors were caught on security camera dumping a dead rat on the property of a gay couple’s rural Virginia restaurant amid an escalation of a years-long feud.

William Waybourn and Craig Spaulding, both 76, operate Front Porch Market and Grill, located next to Mike and Melissa Washer’s financial firm that is also their home in The Plains, Virginia, The Washington Post reported. The dead vermin were found near the dumpsters behind the restaurant, which flies a gay pride flag, last August. Correctly suspecting the culprit, the general manager reviewed restaurant cameras showing Mike Washer dumping the rat and then taking photos of it with her phone in what she believes was an attempt to get health officials to cite the restaurant. . The Washers have admitted that Mike dumped the rat on his property, but claim they have no interest in closing The Front Porch and that restaurant employees dumped the rat near his back door and that he was simply putting it back where it came from. . The incident was the culmination of an escalation of complaints among neighbors that began shortly after the Washers moved there in 2019, according to The Washington Post. The Washers argue that they are not being provoked, but are being unfairly harassed because they are conservative.

“We still feel like someone put it [the rat] there to, excuse me, eff on us,” Melissa Washer told the newspaper. “Because they had done many other things to us.” A year before the rat incident, Washers began filing complaints about the restaurant’s trash with the local health department, according to WaPo. In response, the owners of Front Porch filed a no trespassing order against their neighbors. The Lavadores then installed signs preventing customers from parking in the Lavadores-owned spots in the shared lot, confronting drivers who ignored the signs, and even towing their cars. His lawyer then threatened legal action against the restaurant’s vendors if their trucks continued to “trespass” on the lot and challenged the restaurant’s right to operate under its current permit. The Front Porch permit challenge was the way the Washers “questioned our city,” Melissa told the paper, because “they felt the city was unfairly following the rules.” “We, a conservative family, the Washers, are held to a set of rules that are hard rules,” Mike said. “But if you’re not conservative, you’re subject to the council allowing you to have special use permits to suit what they want. That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. Not well.”

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Mike, 54, and Melissa Washer, 53, years old.

Christian couple goes on the warpath against their gay restaurant owner neighbors as they fling a DEAD RAT on the diner

The public dispute has divided the small town of The Plains, with a population of about 250 people, WaPo reported. Some residents fear the Washers could bankrupt the town with legal fees, hearings and paperwork. They worry that the couple’s legal challenge could compromise the bucolic charm of The Plains, according to the newspaper. Las Lavadoras said they feel they have not been understood. Mike, 54, and Melissa Washer, 53, are conservatives and Christians who were in Washington D.C. on the day of the January 6 riots, though they told the Washington Post that they did not enter the Capitol building and did not realize what happened until they arrived. him. They were anti-masks and anti-vaccination during the pandemic, and have put up signs in their front yard that are pro-choice and pro-2nd amendment. William Waybourn and Craig Spaulding met while working at the shuttered Dallas Times Herald in 1973, they told WaPo. They opened their restaurant in 2015, which immediately became a popular local destination, and got married in 2020.

They first flew a pride flag on the restaurant’s patio in 2016 after the shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub that killed 49 people. Waybourn has been an activist for LGBTQ rights for decades, rising to fame as president of the Dallas Gay Alliance when he sued Parkland Memorial Hospital for failing to provide adequate care for AIDS patients. He served as managing director of the now national Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, and owns newspapers for the gay community in New York, Washington, Atlanta, and Houston. While he’s dealt with the discrimination part of it over the years, he said this situation with the Washers is different “because I don’t know what I’m fighting for.” Waybourn said he ultimately banned the Washers from his property because he was fed up with the couple and their incessant complaints about their trash cans to disputes over wearing masks inside the restaurant during the height of the pandemic.

Front Porch’s general manager told WaPo about an incident that still troubles Waybourn. After telling some of the restaurant employees that Mike Washer was calling a truck to tow cars parked in his spaces, he told them: “I don’t know if that irritated him or what, but he was like [to one employee], ‘I like you, but the faggots you work for, I can’t stand.’” “I haven’t been called a faggot in years,” Waybourn, holding back tears, told the newspaper. Mike Washer denies the incident, saying he has gay friends and family members. When The Washington Post asked Melissa whether they were trying to recreate their town into their version of a white, Christian America, she said she “can see where you’re coming from,” but denied that it is anything political. “There is no politics in this. There is no race. There is no sexual orientation. … We like that this town is a mixture of all different kinds of people. We do,” she said.

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