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Michael Haight, 42, The father in Utah who shot himself in the head after killing his five children, wife, and mother-in-law wrote in his suicide note that he’d rather “rot in hell” than “put up” with his “manipulative” spouse anymore.

When Michael shot his family earlier this year and then turned the gun on himself, he was under investigation for child abuse. The quiet Utah town of Enoch is where the terrifying bodycam video of the shooting on January 4 shows police approaching the silent family house. Haight blamed his wife, Tausha, and painted himself as the victim in his odd suicide letter, according to the Daily Mail.

“This is absurd, and I can’t take it any longer today. We won’t be a burden on the community. Haight allegedly wrote, “I continued asking for aid, but you wouldn’t listen. “I would rather spend the rest of my days in hell than put up with this abuse of power over me for another day.” Haight shot and killed Tausha’s mother Gail Early, 78, as well as his children Macie, Briley, Sienna, and sons Ammon and Gavin. Haight murdered Tausha and the rest of their family while she was preparing to divorce him. The Deseret News discovered documentation detailing Haight’s actions prior to the murders, including how he removed firearms from the residence, was under investigation for possible child abuse, and searched the internet for “gunshot in a house,” which led to the discovery of the suicide note.

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Michael Haight was 42 years old.

Utahn who murdered a family expressed his rage in a suicide letter

On December 19, two weeks before the shootings, caseworkers went to the Haight residence in Enoch to look into a claim against the family’s 7-year-old son, Ammon, whom Michael is alleged to have thrown to the ground in a fit of rage. According to reports, the family was the subject of an inquiry by the authorities 11 days prior as a result of claims of abuse affecting the couple’s oldest daughter. She requested that caseworkers not speak with her husband before she officially filed for divorce, which she did on December 21.

According to the reports, she reportedly informed officials that her spouse had threatened to kill himself or “make her life hell” if she left him. Michael Haight was never questioned by caseworkers. Records that were previously made public indicated that authorities had looked at Haight for child abuse in 2020 but opted not to press charges.

According to new papers, there have been other accusations of abuse, including one in 2021 when Haight suddenly slammed on the brakes while driving down the highway, according to the Daily Mail. The family was terrified, and their seat belts left red markings on their bodies. Another time, Haight grabbed his oldest daughter by the head and threw her on the couch’s rough surface. The girl, Macie, explained to caseworkers that her father would tower over her and her siblings and come dangerously close to intimidating them. According to the documents, “Dad jumps to react to anything he doesn’t like.” He shouts a lot and wants them to understand that he is correct.

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