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Melissa Kerr, 31, from Gorleston, Norfolk, died at the private Medicana Haznedar Hospital in Istanbul in 2019. Coroner Jaqueline Lake said she would write a report for the health secretary to try to prevent further deaths from the “risky” procedure. The hospital has been asked to comment. Mrs Kerr had traveled abroad to undergo what is commonly known as a Brazilian butt lift or BBL, the Norwich inquest heard. In a statement, Kerr’s family said she was devastated. “We hope that in the future people will give appropriate consideration before traveling to Turkey for cosmetic tourism,” they said in a prepared statement. The Norwich inquest was told Ms Kerr, a psychological wellbeing specialist at mental health charity Mind, was “self-conscious” about her appearance. The inquiry was told that Brazilian butt lift operations carried the highest risk of all cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Melissa Kerr was 31 years old.

Investigation Report

The United Kingdom has agreed to a moratorium on carrying out these types of operations due to the dangers involved, said expert witness and plastic surgeon Simon Withey in a report for the investigation. Withey said that if the risk of the procedure had been explained to Kerr before she had financially committed to the procedure, she “in all likelihood” would not have carried it out. On November 19, 2019, a day after arriving in Turkey and paying £3,200 in cash, she underwent a “limited” pre-operative assessment before surgery. The operation was performed by Dr Yakup Duman, a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon who was also a visiting doctor, the inquest heard. The fat was removed through a liposuction process from the double chin, thighs and abdomen and inserted into the back. It was during the reinjection of fat, deep into the muscle tissue of her buttocks, that Ms Kerr suffered a fatal clot which had traveled to her lungs.

The inquest was told that if the material was injected too deeply into the muscle tissue, there was a risk it would travel to other areas of the body. Mrs Kerr had been in the operating room for more than three hours when efforts were made to resuscitate her, according to Turkish hospital documents. She died shortly after. Mrs Kerr had no known health problems according to her UK GP and she had undergone a breast augmentation 10 years previously, without any problems. Recording a narrative conclusion, the coroner said Mrs Kerr died after cosmetic surgery. She recorded her cause of death as pulmonary thromboembolism and fatty thromboembolism; a blocked blood vessel in her lung. Referring to her report to the Secretary of State, Ms Lake said she was “concerned that patients are not aware of the risks or mortality rate associated with such surgery”. He added that while the UK government had no control over what happens in other countries, “the danger to citizens who continue to travel abroad for such procedures continues… and I am of the view that future deaths can be prevent through better information.

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