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Melissa Burr, 32, sustained non-survivable injuries after being struck by a bus outside Victoria train station in London on August 10, 2021.

She was allegedly struck by the parked bus after another bus driven by Olusofa Popoola crashed into it, before the vehicle struck her. Popoola is on trial accused of causing the death of Ms. Burr by dangerous driving, which he denies. The 60-year-old also denies seriously injuring the driver of the other bus, Diane Mathuranayagum, who suffered a broken eye socket after falling from her own vehicle while she was standing at the front door. Opening the trial at the Old Bailey on Tuesday, prosecutor Robert Evans said Popoola had been queuing third in a row of buses, with Ms Mathuranayagum’s bus ahead of him. As the first bus pulled away, Mrs Mathuranayagum got to the front of the queue, set the parking brake, got out of her taxi and stood by the open door.

As she did so, Mrs Burr, of Rainham in Kent, was crossing the road ahead of the queue of buses, when Popoola’s electric bus allegedly lurched forward and struck the other vehicle from behind. Mr Evans said: “The parked bus sped forward. It struck Mrs Burr, who was thrown up and forward. People behind her jumped back out of the way. ‘The driver of the parked bus, Ms. Mathuranayagum, was thrown out the door of the parked bus and fell to the pavement. “The parked bus without a driver continued to move forward, struck Ms. Burr, who ended up under the bus and very sadly died as a result of the multiple injuries she received.” A bus passenger was thrown to the ground and suffered minor injuries, the court said. At the scene, Popoola allegedly said he was in the process of pulling over when his “foot slipped off the brake and he hit the accelerator” and collided with the bus ahead of him.

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Melissa Burr was 32 years old.

Investigation Report

In a later prepared statement, he said: “I felt a huge collision come out of nowhere.” I think due to the shock, he may have applied the accelerator harder instead of the brake. ‘I think I thought he was hitting the brake. I think I finally applied the brake to stop my vehicle, but the collision had already occurred. ‘I was in shock. She couldn’t believe what had happened. “I remained seated for about a minute. I didn’t think anyone was hurt, just that I caused damage to the vehicles.’ He said that he felt very bad about what happened and added: “It is very difficult for me to explain it.” ‘I do not know what happened. I just wanted to get my bus moving and the next thing I knew it was a collision.’ An investigation into the accident concluded that the defendant had continued to apply the accelerator pedal, rather than the foot brake, after the impact with the stationary bus before finally using the parking brake to stop. Data from his vehicle found that he was traveling around 8 mph at the point of collision and moments before he reached a top speed of 10 mph. Evans told the jury: “The prosecution is not saying that the defendant deliberately drove dangerously, but his intentions are neither here nor there.”

“He stepped on the accelerator pedal with his foot, moving the electric bus forward, propelling it forward, and continued to move forward even after his bus had collided with the bus in front. “Then he moved almost alongside the bus in front, accelerating as he did so. ‘The force of the impact of the bus driven by the defendant, at the rear of the parked bus, pushed the previously stopped bus forward and towards Ms Burr, who had been crossing the bus bay ahead of it. “The parking brake remained applied on the front bus throughout this movement.” He added: “Even if the defendant inadvertently pressed the accelerator pedal when he intended to press the brake pedal, that error may explain why he drove the way he did, but that does not mean that his driving was not failed”. well below the standard one would expect of a careful and competent driver.’ Jurors were shown distressing CCTV footage of the incident in which Ms Burr was beaten to assess how Popoola was driving. Mr Evans said: “We suggest that it is obvious that the way he drove was dangerous.” Popoola, from Peckham, south London, who has been a bus driver for 20 years, denies the charges against him and the trial continues.

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