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Megan Imirowicz, 19, faced a possible life sentence when she was found guilty in June of throwing bleach powder at her father Konrad Imirowicz, 64, while he slept, The Oakland Press reported.

The attack caused extensive chemical burns that required the amputation of her feet and part of her leg. She was unable to recover from her severe injuries and she died after five months in the hospital, on March 6, 2022.Imirowicz denied throwing bleach at her father and claimed that she had thrown some bread at him to wake him up. as well as infections and kidney failure. Prosecutors said she attacked him because he was drunk and couldn’t get her to a hair salon before her 18th birthday party, according to the outlet. Imirowicz was sentenced Tuesday to one year in jail, with credit for time served, meaning she walked free after the hearing. The teen also received five years of probation for the crime.The young woman, smiling for the cameras, admitted that she was shocked when she heard the slap-on-the-wrist sentence from Oakland County Judge Victoria Valentine, Court TV reported.

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Megan Imirowicz is 19 years old.

Killed her dad by dousing him in drain cleaner sobs as she walks free from court after

“I was praying for a miracle today and that’s what I got,” Imirowicz said.“I am very happy to be able to go home with my family. I’m afraid of feeling anything for my father right now. I miss him a lot. I am not ready.”After being greeted by her sister Morgan and her brother Ian, who had pleaded for leniency, Imirowicz headed to a local McDonald’s, where she ordered Chicken McNuggets and fries, according to the outlet.Earlier, Ella Imirowicz made a tearful plea in front of the judge as she read a statement.“Nineteen years ago, I was placed in the arms of the first man who ever loved me, the man I am lucky enough to call Dad. Growing up, he became so much more, he was a storyteller, a tooth fairy, a friend and a hero, through it all, the one thing that never changed, was that he was mine,” sobbed a Groveland Township woman.“One of the biggest things that was overlooked in this case is that my brothers and I also lost my father. That loss has severely broken us,” she added.

“The prosecution has tried to make me look like a monster, but that’s not me and never was.”Imirowicz also quoted from the Bible. “The wicked are caught by the transgressions of their lips, but the righteous escape trouble,” he said, citing Proverbs 12:13, Law and Crime reported.His mother, Julie Conrad, also asked the judge to go easy on Imirowicz.“We were a broken family before this started and now, we are even more broken, as her (Megan’s) age and his body is 19. His maturity and emotional level is not that of an adult,” she said.Chief Assistant District Attorney David Williams told The Oakland Press that “this was not the sentence we were upholding, however the judge ultimately decides what sentence will be imposed.” Megan was the second child the couple had adopted and they brought her home to her older brother, Austin, when she was just days old.

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