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Mayara Nitao, 27, died on March 25 after sustaining fatal injuries when she jumped from the sixth floor of her apartment in the upscale Itaim Bibi district of São Paulo. She was rushed to a hospital, but they couldn’t save her.

Fire brigade spokesman Captain Felipe Felis dos Santos said, as reported by The Mirror, “It started inside. We still do not have information about the cause, however, it did not spread to other apartments. The beauty queen’s 23-year-old brother also lived with her in the same house, but survived.

Mayara Nitao Age

Mayara Nitao was 27 years old.


Nitao’s brother was receiving treatment at the hospital for problems related to smoke inhalation. Almost 24 hours after the tragedy that began at 10:40 a.m., her brother was informed of her death. Her mother, Geraldina Kelly da Silva Angelo, told Metropoles: “The fire took over everything. (She) was afraid of going through the fire,” and she added: “She was born to shine: she was a star. Strong, warrior, determined. Everything she did was with love.”

The 46-year-old also spoke of her son, saying: “My son ended up sleeping on the sofa and went to his room at dawn. She said that in the morning he smelled burning, got up, and the room was already engulfed in fire. She added: “She was left holding the handle, which was very hot from the fire. She started to scream and inhaled a lot of smoke. The doctor said that if she had stayed for five more minutes, she would have died. Nitao’s grieving father, César, said: “The love of my life is now a star in the sky. I love you forever my daughter. As Grandma used to say, ‘my beautiful baby’”. She added that she will be buried in João Pessoa, Paraíba State.

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In February 2022, Nitao talked about her journey into the world of fashion with KW Fashion magazine. The influencer said: “I started modeling after my parents took me to a photographer in my city. It was my first professional photo session, I was only six months old and I was already totally uninhibited for photos and videos. The photographer saw how photogenic it was, he loved the result of the material and decided that I would be the publicity baby of her studio ”.

At the time, Nitara also described what a perfect day meant to her when she said, “I love to be peaceful and quiet, so a perfect day for me would be to get up early, meditate, pray, exercise, sunbathe, go to the beach or the park, eat healthy meals with my family, study, talk to the people I love, watch a movie, read a book, and just take care of myself in every way.”

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