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Mark Valencia was convicted on Wednesday of the murders of Steven Singer, 40, and Eva Aragon, 48. He was also convicted of attempted murder for trying to kill his friend, homeowner David Sturgeon, who managed to escape being hit by a bullet that went through a closet door where he hid and called 911 when Valencia was trying to get in. He later told what happened. terrorized officers about that night of Dec. 11, 2021, when New Mexico State Police responded to the home at 1 Camino Don Luis in Pecos, outside Santa Fe, for a report of gunshots, authorities said in a press release. “Mark said he was going to get his gun … He then went back to the front door of the house, which was open, and shot Steven at least once in the face,” Sturgeon told police, NBC Albuquerque affiliate KOB reported. As Aragon knelt down to check on Singer, “Mark stood over Ava and said, ‘Is that what you want b–?’ and he shot Eva at least once in the head,” Sturgeon told investigators. “David said that Mark was no more than two feet away from Steve and Eva when he fired at them. David Estimado Mar shot at least 8 times.

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Mark Valencia is 42 years old.

Suspect charged in Pecos double homicide

Valencia then fired at Sturgeon while he was standing in the kitchen near the laundry room, but missed. Then Valencia was gone, giving enough time for Sturgeon to reach the master bedroom closet. While he was hiding in the closet, he called 911. Sturgeon said Valencia returned to the house and tried to open the closet door while Sturgeon held it closed, and then Valencia shot through the closet door, the victim fearing for his life, thinking Valencia was going to kill him. When police arrived, they found Valencia drunk and bloody in the driver’s seat of Sturgeon’s pickup in the driveway, according to the affidavit. Valencia told police that everyone had been drinking that night. He fought with Singer because “Steven only cut off half his hair,” the document said. As the night progressed, Singer and Valencia “continued to verbally provoke each other,” the affidavit says.

At one point, Valencia said he feared for his life “because of Steven’s size in comparison to yours” and pulled his gun from Steven’s car, according to the affidavit. “He thought about leaving, but returned to the front door armed with his gun,” the affidavit reads. “Mark said he intended to shoot Steven, ‘but Eva got in the way.'” When investigators asked Valencia why he didn’t go to his house when he went to his car, he replied: “I thought so. He probably could have,” reported KRQE from Albuquerque. Valencia’s defense attorney did not immediately return an email Saturday seeking comment, but KRQE of Albuquerque reported that his main defense was that alcohol prevented him from making a deliberate decision to commit the murders, KRQE reported. He is being held at the San Miguel Detention Center, online booking records show. No date for his sentencing was indicated in court records online Saturday. Aragón’s obituary said that he was a loving mother, grandmother, daughter and sister, “so full of life”. He enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, camping, and “making people laugh.”

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