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Mark Skage, who worked for AFD Petroleum Inc., was returning from a workplace when he saw the abandoned elice wandering along the side of the road in British Columbia, Canada, on June 6. When he stopped and jumped from his vehicle, the calf tried to climb his truck when Skage noticed that a bear stalked the animal “a few days.” “There was a black bear 50 yards of it just waiting,” Skage said in a Facebook post. “I made a decision at the time after she continued (trying) to climb to the work truck that could not leave her there.” So I put it on the passenger side and drove the city to receive help, ”added Skage. Skage’s decision to bring the calf to his truck comes from his background as an outdoor man and knew what to do it was against the law. “I simply could not do it, in my heart. People can say everything they want. I know that as outdoor men, we talk about the control of predators. … Black bears are the number one predator for those calves. I just thought: “Well, I can’t take care of the predator, but I suppose I may try to help this little calf,” Skage told CBC News. “It is against the law to collect wild animals outside the road or nature, anywhere. It is illegal to be in possession of wildlife and wild transport life, ”he told The Outlet.

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Mark Skage age is not mentioned.

After rescuing a lovely young moose from a black bear, a Canadian man was fired

With the calf shotgun in his truck, Skage called his supervisor and the local conservation officer about his situation before appointing the Moose Misty and found a rehabilitation center to take care of it until she was ready to be released. “A few days later, Misty (this is what I called her) led to a rehabilitation center a little further south, where they will let her grow a little before liberating her back to nature,” said its publication. Skage thought everything would end, but his company AFD Petroleum had a problem with its wildlife rescue. “Everything is fine, right? NO. AFD felt different and thought he was in serious conflict with his wildlife policies. (They had never taken the time to know my background), ”he said. Both the black bear and the brown bear, together with the wolves, are large calves of calves inside Alaska and northern Canada and represent a large part of the death deaths.

“Black bears has been found to be the most important predator of the calves in some areas of Alaska, where Grizzly bears are uncommon. In these areas, black bears killed about 40% of all calves that were born. Most of the predations were for adult men, “according to the Alaska Fishing and Hunting Department. “Anyway, to conclude, all their options decided to let me go was the best. So, the lesson I learned was AFD, it is good to spilling fuel on the ground but does not help wildlife, ”Skage concluded. The AFD condemned Skage’s rescue, saying that he should have called the conservation officer and allowed the trained wildlife officials to manage to relocate Misty. “Instead of informing the situation to a conservation officer and allowing the authorities to handle the rescue and relocation of the alces, the individual made the independent decision to transport a calf of Alce without injuries, a wild animal, in the front seat His company’s vehicle for many hours, “said AFD President Petroleum, Dale Reimer, according to CBC. “This not only puts the employee and other users of the road at risk, but also potentially anguish and damage to alce.”

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