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Mark Sexton Jr. and Mark Sexton III Wiki – Biography

Mark Sexton Jr. and Mark Sexton III the suspects – A 23-year-old Tennessee woman was shot dead at a convenience store where she worked the midnight shift — and a father and son have been charged in her murder.

Tava Woodard, a clerk at Johnson City’s Roadrunner Market on North Broadway, texted friends and coworkers on June 2 about a shoplifting incident and stated her desire to find new employment, according to People. Shortly after, two masked males, Mark Sexton Jr., 41, and his son Mark Sexton III, 18, entered the store and grabbed money from her at gunpoint, according to WJHL. According to an affidavit published by the site, “the two men then walked towards the door, but as they were leaving, one of the men turned around and fired a shot from the pistol, striking Ms. Woodard.” Police arrived eight minutes later and discovered her body on the ground.

The officers found a 9mm shell casing and two blue nitrile gloves in a nearby alley, WJHL reported. The gloves matched the ones the suspects were seen wearing in the surveillance video. Another glove was found near the Sextons’ home about nine blocks away, according to the station. After releasing screen grabs of the duo, police received tips that “one of the subjects appeared to be Mark Sexton Jr.,” according to an affidavit. Workers at a nearby laundry business told investigators that Sexton Jr. and his wife had both worked there and described garments and gloves from the store as matching those being worn by the suspects.

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Mark Sexton Jr., 41, and his son Mark Sexton III 18 years old.

Mark Sexton and Mark Sexton Arrested: Suspect in the Murder of Tava Woodard

Police obtained a warrant and stopped a vehicle with an expired registration that the father drove off in with his wife and another person. They later discovered scrubs and other clothing at the home that matched items seen in the convenience store video, as well as blue gloves and a 9mm round bearing the same stamp as the casing located at the scene. Sexton Jr. was charged with first-degree murder, especially aggravated robbery and driving an unregistered vehicle. His son was charged with first-degree murder, especially aggravated robbery, possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony, and tampering with evidence. Woodard’s mother, Melissa Jones, told People about how her daughter felt about working at the Roadrunner Market.

“She texted that she didn’t feel safe there anymore,” she said. “From what I’m hearing none of them were feeling very safe — this is all over the place so I’ll go ahead and say it. All of her co-workers have stated that the ‘panic button’ under the counter wasn’t working — and wasn’t even hooked up.” The devastated mom said Woodard “had no chance of contacting anybody to help her” during the crime. What’s she going to do? Pick up her phone and make a phone call? And there’s no ‘panic button’ hooked up. What’s she supposed to do all by herself? I won’t get into specifics, but the police have told me that she was very calm, very composed and that they were amazed at hearing how old she was and how well she maintained her composure and calmness,” Jones told the mag. She said the family has received an outpouring of support after her daughter’s death. “I didn’t realize how huge of an impact she had on everybody else, too,” Jones told People.

“I have received numerous messages and phone calls from people who cared about her, telling me how wonderful she was and what a bright light she was for them.” She always had a smile on her face, and everyone found solace in being near her. … “It is incredible to know that the rest of the world saw that in her,” she remarked. Woodard recently texted a meme to her 15-year-old sister Addie Blazer that said, “If I die, do not dare release a bunch of balloons.” “I would like you to plant flowers for me so that I can keep growing,” the outlet stated. The family is requesting that people plant flowers “so that we can keep her alive and with us,” her mother explained. “In my nearly 30 years of law enforcement experience, this case is one of the most heartbreaking that I have come across,” Johnson City Police Chief Billy Church told WJHL.

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