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Mark Peretz, An Israeli is missing after rushing to the trance music festival near the Gaza Strip in a desperate bid to save his 20-year-old daughter as a violent horde of Hamas terrorists descended on the rave. Mark Peretz’s family told The Post on Sunday that they have not seen the 51-year-old father since he sped away from his Rishon LeZion home Saturday morning. Peretz was in danger the moment he learned that violence had broken out at the Tribe of Nova music festival his daughter Maya was attending. “He dropped everything and drove there,” Peretz’s daughter-in-law, Jessica Cohen, 24, told The Post. “Even given the situation, given that rockets were fired over our heads. Given the fact that he saw Hamas terrorists entering Israel, parachuting into Israel… he went to rescue Maya.”

As Peretz sped south, Maya dodged fields and sharp bushes to escape Hamas militants, who shot concertgoers, violently kidnapped young and old women, and in some cases shot hostages in the legs to that they could not escape. At least 260 people are reported to have died at the festival, which witnesses have described as a “massacre”, as the body count continues to rise. It is unclear how many people were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. Maya and a group of about 12 people managed to get into a car fleeing north, but were forced to abandon the vehicle when the terrorists shot at them “non-stop.” They then hid in a police station for three terrifying hours, Cohen said. At one point, Peretz was 20 minutes from the police station where Maya was sheltering and called her family in Rishon LeZion to check in before he was suddenly cut off. “We were on the phone with him and we heard gunshots, and we don’t know exactly what happened,” Cohen said.

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Mark Peretz was 51 years old.

Investigation Report

Peretz had been sharing his location on his cell phone and his son’s former military friends rushed to the area where he had been to try to find him. “We sent his friends to the area. “They said they saw the car, but they don’t see anyone in it,” Cohen said. Maya managed to find a safe ride home with one of her friend’s parents, but no one has seen or heard from Peretz since he disappeared off the road. “It’s just the scariest situation,” Cohen said. “We are living a nightmare.” “And not just me: everyone in Israel hugs each other, but we are living a nightmare. We are all living in this crazy terrorist attack, and it is crazy. It’s really just unfathomable.” The family has been trying to track Peretz’s phone, but they said he has been moving erratically around the countryside in ways that don’t make sense, and Cohen said every lead they’ve gotten has only led to conflicting facts and more confusion. Police and other authorities are still too overwhelmed with the task of repelling the Hamas invaders to devote resources to helping the search for Peretz, much less the countless others missing, Cohen said.

“The police are dealing with a lot of other things right now. There are still a lot of terrorists out there and the streets are really blocked everywhere we go,” he said. “We were just in hospitals looking for him, we were in police stations looking for answers, trying to track his phone, trying to do anything.” “There are thousands of families like us. There are thousands of families looking for their loved ones. His loved ones may still be in the desert, they may be hiding in a house, you never know.” “They are terrorizing innocent people, they are taking innocent young women hostage and God knows what they are doing to them. It’s scary and we need everyone’s support,” he said. “It’s much worse than I can explain. “It’s everyone’s nightmare.” Hundreds of Israelis have been killed since Hamas forces invaded the country in a brutal sneak attack on Saturday. Thousands of people are injured and at least a hundred people have been kidnapped as hostages. As rockets continue to fly over Israel and gunfire echoes through the streets, the Peretzes remain undeterred in their search for a father whose first thought was always for his family. “He is simply the best person in the world. He didn’t even think twice before leaving the house yesterday morning,” Cohen said. “His whole heart is his family.”

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