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Mark Gardner found himself surrounded by three men when he pulled up to the driveway of his $1.1 million property in Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday. Footage shows the terrifying moment three men jumped out of a silver vehicle and surrounded his blue BMW 5 Series sedan. The three pull out guns and point them at Garner, 73, and his stepson who was in the vehicle at the time. They begin hitting the window with the barrel of the firearm while one tries to hide his identity by pressing a coat against his face.

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Mark Gardner is 73 years old.

Investigation Report

Jugging is when someone follows a person leaving a bank with a large amount of money and then robs them at their next stop. When the blue BMW stops in the road, they run toward the car, trying to get in by banging their elbows against the windows. The three appear to have guns and remained clinging to the car while Gardener managed to drive away. The Dallas Police Department confirmed that the incident occurred around 1:00 p.m. m. on Tuesday, September 19, and several suspects followed Gardner home from the bank and attempted to rob him of his money at gunpoint. Authorities urge those who take out large amounts of cash to hide it before leaving so it can’t be seen, and to call 911 if they believe they are being followed.

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