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Former Philadelphia police officer Mark Dial has been charged with murder for killing a 27-year-old driver last month after surveillance footage showed him shooting him through the window of his car. Mark Dial shot and killed motorist Eddie Irizarry through the window of his car in North Philadelphia on August 14, just five seconds after he exited his patrol car. Police have now also released body camera footage of the incident, previously seen via surveillance video from a nearby home collected by the alleged victim’s family. Dial, who was fired a week later, has now been charged with murder, voluntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment and official oppression, the district attorney announced. He surrendered to the police’s Southern Detective Division on Friday and his lawyer claimed that Dial believed he was in danger when he fired the shot. Body camera footage shows Dial and his female companion park next to Irizarry’s parked car before Dial gets out of his patrol car and begins yelling at the alleged victim. Seconds later he begins shooting at Irizarry inside his car.

Dial’s partner is then heard saying: “Mark, wait.” “Mark, stop,” before instructing him to move the police cruiser. The cops then take Irizarry’s body out of his car and load it into the back seat of a patrol car, and then Dial heads to a hospital. District Attorney Larry Krasner said the images are “difficult to watch and Irizarry’s family decided to view them.” “There is always some level of trauma, especially for family members associated with seeing something that is extremely violent…Regardless of the warnings, they wanted to see it, which we all understand, and we saw it.” Police originally claimed Irizarry was “driving erratically” before getting out of his car with a knife and charging at officers. But Shaka Johnson, the attorney representing Irizarry’s family, released surveillance footage from a nearby home to counter the police narrative at an Aug. 23 press conference. In surveillance video, taken almost in front of the scene, Dial is heard yelling ‘I’ll shoot you’ at Irizarry before opening fire at point-blank range through the driver’s side window.

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Investigation Report

He is then seen shooting again through the windshield as he ran back and circled the car. “Shots fired, shots fired,” one of the officers said over the police radio. Irizarry was shot six times and in the video he could be seen writhing in pain. The agents removed Irizarry’s body from the driver’s seat and carried him, by his arms and one of his legs, to his police van. Dial’s lawyers said Friday that the former police officer and his partner believed they saw a gun and Irizarry had made an illegal turn before the shooting occurred, CBS News reported. “Fearing he would be the next police officer killed on the streets of Philadelphia, he fired,” said Dial’s attorney, Brian McMonagle. ‘What the video says is that as Officer Dial fires, he retreats…he is trying to retreat and find cover because he believes the individual has a gun. ‘In no world, in no world are these events a murder. And we intend to correct this error. This decision today endangers police officers as they face the most violent moment in our city’s history. We intend to right this wrong and bring this young man home.

Police said Irizarry had two knives in his car but no gun. Johnson explained that he and the victim’s family returned to the block where the shooting occurred to look for footage themselves. He said the narrative put together by police was “an intentional deception to the public,” adding that he intended to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Dial and the city of Philadelphia on behalf of the family. “In my opinion,” Johnson said, “this is a crime against humanity, to be perfectly honest.” The police department changed its version of the shooting the day after the surveillance video was released, and Dial was suspended for 30 days and then fired for insubordination. Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw claimed that Dial was not cooperating with the shooting investigation and refused to follow orders from a superior. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney previously called the death “a tragedy.” “This is certainly a tragedy and my heart is broken for the family and for the loss of Mr. Irizarry,” Kenney told reporters. He added that “the investigation will bring to light whatever it is going to bring to light, and we will move forward from there.

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