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Marion Reyes, a wanted Las Vegas woman with seven DUI arrests was back in police custody Friday after she commented on a Facebook news post appealing for help finding the fugitive.

Marion Reyes, 36, surrendered to the police’s traffic bureau — just one day after authorities sent out an alert alleging that she cut off her ankle monitor. “I never cut it off!!! An officer cut it off when I turned myself in. They continued to release me,” Reyes commented under a News 8 story about her case posted to Facebook.

Marion Reyes Age

Marion Reyes is 36 years old.

Wanted Nevada woman arrested after commenting on Facebook news post about her case

The Las Vegas Traffic Bureau responded with its own comment: “Then why not turn yourself in now? Let’s get this sorted out tonight.” Reyes appeared to take the advise and spoke with an intervention officer Thursday night before turning herself in the next day, according to police. According to News 8, a judge sentenced Reyes to spend two days in jail last week after she missed a court date in a felony DUI program.

According to court documents, Reyes’ three most recent DUI charges were reduced to one as part of a plea agreement agreed following her October DUI conviction – her seventh since 2007.According to News 8, Reyes must spend at least six months of house confinement and install a device in her car to prevent her from driving while inebriated. According to the plea agreement, if she receives another DUI offense, she will be sent to prison.

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