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Maria del Carmen Lopez, 63, a dual citizen of the United States and Mexico, was pulled from her home in Pueblo Nuevo, Colima state, on Feb. 9. Despite a $20,000 reward for her safe return, the mother of seven, grandmother of 19, and great-grandmother of two remains missing nearly four months later. Zonia Lopez, the kidnapped woman’s grown daughter, held a news conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday, revealing that the family last heard from her mother eight weeks ago, when the kidnappers sent them a proof-of-life audio clip, according to KTLA.”She begs for her life and names a few of my brothers and sisters, saying, ‘Please hurry, act quickly, my children, and give them what they want.'” ‘My life depends on it,’ said the daughter, adding that she and her siblings have not heard from their mother since.

The family believes Lopez is still alive and being held for ransom by what they described as a “fringe Mexican kidnapping organization.” Speaking through tears, Zonia begged President Biden and Mexican President Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador to join forces and help rescue her mother from captivity. Work together to prioritize the rescue and safe return of Mother,” she pleaded. “Use all resources, both human and technological to bring an end to this nightmare that has haunted my family for far too long. I beg you, do not let my mother’s voice fade into darkness. Do not let this be another unsolved kidnapping. Bring her home.”

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Maria del Carmen Lopez is 63 years old.

American mother kidnapped in Mexico Her daughter appealed to President Joe Biden to save her mother

The missing woman’s children claimed that the investigation into the kidnapping has been slow-moving and that there has been a “disconnect” between the US and Mexican authorities regarding keeping the family apprised of the latest developments. We miss her with a pain that defies words,” Zonia said. “I implore you to hear my words, to feel my anguish. I implore you to take immediate action.”The daughter also addressed her mother’s kidnappers directly, appealing to their humanity. “We’re hurting for her,” Zonia said. “She deserves to be home with us. Please give her back.” Maria del Carmen Lopez had lived for some time in Southern California before retiring in Colima state, Mexico, where she has family, about 10 years ago. The matriarch regularly traveled back and forth from California, however, for medical appointments and to visit her children and grandchildren.

On Feb. 9, she was gardening at her home in Pueblo Nuevo when, according to her family, several men arrived in a white van and took her away. Daughter Zonia previously told CBS Los Angeles that her mother was overheard telling the men that she would not get into their vehicle. “Two individuals picked her up and another one came out of the van,” Zonia said. “They had their heads covered and they covered her mouth and that’s when they took her.” The family believes that she was targeted because her children live in the US, creating the false impression that she comes from wealth. According to Fox 11, Toni Lopez received the initial contact from the kidnappers, who requested “a ridiculous amount” of ransom money. “We knew we were in trouble right away because we do not have that kind of money,” Toni explained. The FBI has been investigating the kidnapping and offered a $20,000 reward for Lopez’s safe return in March. Lopez is 5’2″ and 160 pounds, with blonde hair, brown eyes, and tattooed eyeliner, according to her official bio.

Anyone with knowledge regarding her whereabouts was advised to call the FBI or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

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