Maria das Graças Mota Bernardo Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Trapped in the river with her husband’s body for a week


Maria das Graças Mota Bernardo Wiki – Maria das Graças Mota Bernardo Bio

Maria das Graças Mota Bernardo, 68, had a heart attack and passed away during the beginning of his wife Maria das Graças Mota Bernardo’s maiden fishing trip down the Rio Negro on March 29.

Maria was forced to spend days paddling to safety through a sea of lethal caimans, which are alligator-like monsters that can grow up to 4 feet long after the boat’s motor failed. After dinner, José went to lie down in the hammock but the rope snapped and he was shocked, their daughter Cristiane informed the media. He struck his knee after rising. He once more sat down and began to fan himself while informing my mother that he was feeling warm. She claimed that after screaming and standing up, he collapsed. He took his final breath after being carried off the ground by her and caught. Maria informed her family that she had secured the canoe to the tree and departed in the second boat to look for assistance. She later discovered that the engine would not start again.

She got to the bow and began to paddle, Cristiane remarked. She paddled throughout those days. She claimed that being surrounded by caimans and the fact that she was unable to swim made her fear falling in. On the third day, a man on a rabeta, a motorised canoe, passed by. Maria was left alone and forced to paddle for days without sufficient sustenance after the man ignored her call for assistance and “just kept going.” According to Cristiane, her mother consumed the uncooked fish and flour they had aboard the boat over the first several days. She said, “One day, she drank only water.” On another day, she just consumed pure lemon juice and wheat with water.

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Maria das Graças Mota Bernardo is 68 years old.

Trapped in the river with her husband’s body for a week

Maria banged pots and pans and yelled at the top of her lungs for rescue while floating on the river. Maria’s daughter claimed that she “screamed and screamed and no one answered.” She claimed that when her husband’s body began to decay, Maria made the decision to switch to the opposite side of the boat and covered her airways with a cloth. She became unable to sleep, according to Cristiane. Her efforts to bring his body home so that his family could conduct a respectable funeral consumed all of her strength. The elderly widow was forced to protect her husband’s body from the harsh Amazonian elements, such as the scorching sun, tropical storms, and even rapacious animals.

My mother stated that vultures had begun to roost on top of the ship, Cristiane remarked. They shouted after she hit them. Because bees and mosquitoes were already sitting on his corpse, she removed the tarp from the top of the awning and covered it. Maria has been rescued and has received medical attention, but she is still having trouble processing her ordeal. On April 5, she was discharged from the hospital. She appears disturbed and frail, Cristiane remarked. She has trouble falling asleep.

On March 28, Maria and José, both 68 years old, left. They had a small canoe for exploring flooded forests and a fishing boat for travel. When they didn’t show up at their house, a search effort was started. When they found the couple’s canoe tied to a tree, concerned family members called the police. Inside, rotting fish was discovered, and a net was still out in the water.

A week after they started off, on April 4, the Brazilian Navy discovered the couple’s boat drifting in Iranduba, around 100 miles (161 km) from their place of departure. Maria was evacuated from the site by a Navy aircraft, and authorities provided the grieving woman with comfort and first aid. After that, she was taken to Manaus for medical evaluation. Maria is currently undergoing therapeutic and psychiatric care, according to the Amazonas State Health Department. The Brazilian Navy acknowledged that an inquiry is ongoing in the interim.

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