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Margaret Sweeney, a North Carolina woman believed to be missing has been arrested after allegedly misleading her friends, family and police into thinking she had been murdered, police said. Margaret Frances “Maggie” Elizabeth Sweeney, 37, of Franklin, was reported missing Friday after one of her friends told the Franklin Police Department that she was going to be killed or that she was already dead. Sweeney, however, was found safe the next day in a neighboring town, with Sgt. Randy Dula discovered that the missing woman had allegedly given an anonymous third-party tip about her death to her concerned friend and to the Department of Social Services. “Sweeney’s actions caused our department, as well as other departments, many hours of work that could have been spent on other matters,” the department said in a statement. “Family, friends and the community as a whole were also very concerned and concerned for Sweeney’s well-being.”

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Margaret Sweeney is 37 years old.

Investigation Report

Ultimately, Sweeney was charged with making a false report to a police station, falsely reporting a death or serious injury via telephone communication, and obstructing law enforcement officers. It’s still unclear why Sweeney allegedly tried to fake her disappearance and death, and she lashed out at police for posting an update on her case on Facebook. “Social media makes us believe that we have a right to know about people or situations that have nothing to do with us,” Sweeney wrote in the comments section. “Instead of support, we ridicule those who don’t answer questions that make them uncomfortable. “I decide when/what/who I trust. Nobody for a long time,” she added. Sweeney declined the Post’s request for comment. The case is reminiscent of that of Carlee Russell, who last month sent the Hoover, Alabama community into a frenzy after allegedly faking her own kidnapping. The 26-year-old nursing student made headlines after going missing on Interstate 459, where she was heard screaming on a call to her relatives as she allegedly stopped to look for a missing toddler. Russell, however, emerged days later with a harrowing story of how she escaped her kidnappers, and police questioned her claims about a series of evidence that allegedly showed she was setting up a fake kidnapping. She was charged with one count of false reporting to authorities and one count of false reporting of an incident.

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