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Maree Mavis Crabtree, 57, from Maudsland, is accused of murdering her daughter Erin, 18, in 2012, and her son Jonathan, 26, in 2017. The Crown prosecution’s case against Crabtree will allege in court that she gave Erin a fatal drug overdose before leaving her to go on a cruise with Jonathan in 2012. Jonathan also died of a fatal drug overdose in 2017. Both deaths were initially ruled suicides before Crabtree was charged with murder. It will also be alleged that Crabtree heavily medicated her children to keep them bedridden and claim disability payments in her name.She also allegedly claimed insurance after his death. Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Philip McCarthy KC told the Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday the case against Crabtree was “a bit complicated” because of the different evidence relating to both deaths.

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Maree Mavis Crabtree is 57 years old.

Investigation Report

McCarthy said the court could still proceed with the joint hearing of both murder charges because the evidence was “counteradmissible.” Crabtree’s defense lawyer, Angus Edwards, told the court he intended to make an application to “separate” the murder charge relating to Erin’s death from the rest of the charges before the court. Judge Davis ordered the Crown to prepare his arguments to justify rejecting the application. The matter was adjourned for further review on October 18. Crabtree is also charged with one count of attempted murder, one count of torture, two counts of fraud and four counts of attempted fraud. The torture charge relates to allegations that Crabtree gave another woman prescription drugs for years in the same manner as her children. Crabtree will be tried in January.

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