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Manuel Ranoque, The father of two of the four indigenous children who survived a plane crash that killed their mother and two other adults, and then survived 40 days alone in the Amazon jungle, was arrested Friday, Colombian authorities said.The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office confirmed in a message to Associated Press journalists that officials arrested Manuel Ranoque, who is the father of the 1 and 4-year-old children in the accident and the stepfather of the two girls, ages 9 and 13. .The statement did not elaborate on the motive, but media reports said the case involved allegations of abuse.Astrid Eliana Cáceres, director of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, said the state agency has been working with authorities.

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Manuel Ranoque Age

Manuel Ranoque is 32 years old.

Father of children who survived 40 days in the Colombian jungle arrested for sexual abuse

We learned of the capture of the father of two minor children from Mucutuy and we believe that the Prosecutor’s Office has operated within the plenary session. framework of the law,” she said.Ranoque has been involved in a custody fight with his maternal grandparents. His mother died four days after the accident, according to his eldest daughter, Lesly.The four brothers have remained in the custody of Colombia’s child protection agency since they left the hospital after recovering from malnutrition and other ailments.His maternal grandfather, Narciso Mucutuy, accused Ranoque of hitting his mother, Magdalena Mucutuy.Before authorities confirmed his arrest, Ranoque acknowledged to reporters that there had been trouble at his home, but said he considered it a private family matter and not “gossip” to the rest of the world.When asked if he had assaulted his wife, Ranoque replied: “Verbally all of a sudden, yes. Physically, very little, because we did more fight of words.

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