Manuel Omar Burciaga-Perea Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Suspect in the Murder of Gabriela Sifuentes Castilla


Manuel Omar Burciaga-Perea Wiki – Biography

Manuel Omar Burciaga-Perea, 36, the suspect – Authorities say a man accused of murdering a Utah radio personality has been extradited from Mexico to Salt Lake City.

According to a press release last Friday published by local ABC4, Manuel Omar Burciaga-Perea, 36, was returned to Utah from Mexico City by the US Marshals Service after years of international efforts. Burciaga-Perea was reportedly arrested by Taylorsville City Police Department (TVPD). Officers with TVPD took Burciaga-Perea into custody at the Salt Lake City International Airport and upon his arrival following the 4.5-hour commercial flight escorted by the Marshals Service and transported him to the Taylorsville Police Station,” police stated. He refused to be interviewed by Taylorsville officers before being booked into the Salt Lake County Jail late Friday night,” authorities noted.

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Manuel Omar Burciaga-Perea is 36 years old.

Suspect in the Murder of Gabriela Sifuentes Castilla

On October 17, 2021, Burciaga-Perea allegedly murdered Gabriela Sifuentes Castilla, aka Gaby Ramos, a Spanish radio personality he had dated, at her sister’s home. Because Burciaga-Perea was at his house in Chihuahua, Mexico, police were unable to apprehend him due to his Mexican citizenship. Law enforcement agencies in Utah, Mexico, and Washington, D.C. collaborated to apprehend Burciaga-Perea, who was apprehended on Thanksgiving Day last year.

Burciaga-Perea was extradited to Utah and imprisoned in the Salt Lake County Jail after being detained in Mexico City for six months. According to ABC4, “This could not have happened without the teamwork, perseverance, and cooperation between offices,” TVPD Chief Brady Cottam stated in a statement. “The process was tedious and painstaking, but we are grateful for this significant step towards resolution and justice.”

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