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Mahek Bukhari Wiki – Mahek Bukhari Bio

Mahek Bukhari, from Tunstall, says her mother’s affair with the man she accuses of killing left her ‘broken’ TikTok star Mahek Bukhari has claimed that one of the two men he accuses of killing in an accident was “shaky” after his mother tried to end their relationship. Social media influencer Tunstall also said Saqib Hussain’s relationship with her mother, Ansreen Bukhari, left her broken because he was doing “everything possible” to break their “perfect” family life.

Mahek Bukhari Age

Mahek Bukhari is 23 years old.

Mahek Bukhari accused of murder – and its investigation

The 23-year-old made the allegations after taking the stand at Leicester Crown Court as the murder trial of her and seven others accused of murdering Mr Hussain and his friend Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin continued. The influencer says that she had only met Saqib once before the events of February this year when he was killed in an accident on the A46 in Leicestershire. After that meeting, the jury heard that Saqib Hussain quickly became ‘unsettled’ when Ansreeni tried to end their relationship.

Bukari also claimed that Mr. Hussain, 21, had tried to ruin his reputation after making ‘fake’ pornographic images of the influencer when the affair fell apart. Bukhari told the court that she and Mr. Hussain first met at Syon Lounge in 2020 when he approached her and her mother after recognizing Mahek on her TikTok account. She didn’t hear from him again until 2021 when they spoke on social media to promote her account. By late 2021, Hussain is alleged to have made deeply false pornographic images of Mahek using her head on a nude body. This was posted everywhere online, and the harassment continued in what she said was an attempt to get Ansreen’s attention. I was ashamed. I was ruining my reputation. Saqib already admitted it was him. He had mentioned in late 2021 that he had been taking pictures of me. He admitted to sending it to me via text messages,” she told the court. He wanted attention so that my mother would respond to him. He was posting and commenting on my live videos saying ‘your mom is having an affair. She was doing it to try to get my attention.
When Mahek confronted her mother about the affair claims, she initially denied it, but later admitted to her relationship after Ansreen said Mr. Hussain had sexual images of her. She told me about the relationship and wanted to end it and move on with her life. She had made a mistake before and she felt very bad about it. It broke me to find that out because she loves my dad,” Mahek continued.

As these messages continued, Mahek claimed that when her mother tried to end the affair, things got worse. She said: “Saqib was unstable. My mom would call him ‘psycho’. She said during the messages that he was crazy. “He said he was coming to our house in Stoke with his friends and they talked about abuse on the phone. She said that he would do everything possible to break up my mom and dad’s relationship. We wanted to get a restraining order against Saqib, but mom didn’t want the police to come to the house because then the matter would be known.” Earlier, the court was told that Mahek, Ansreen, and six others had staged an ambush to steal Hussain’s phone and prevent the matter from becoming public. It had been claimed that Mr. Hussain was blackmailing Ansreen and her family into handing over £2,000 to prevent leaks.

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