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Madison Brooks, 19, a second-year student at Louisiana State University, was fatally hit by a car after they supposedly raped it inside a car after a drink at a bar. What is the Cause of Murder read more.

Four male suspects were arrested for the rape of a Louisiana State University sorority member after she was thrown on the side of the road and fatally struck by a car after a night of drinking, police said. Kaivon Deondre Washington, 18, Everett Lee, 28, and Casen Carver, 18, turned themselves in Monday, more than a week after 19-year-old Madison Brooks was fatally struck and killed in Baton Rouge, the Advocate reported. A fourth suspect, a 17-year-old who had not been identified because he was a minor, turned himself in on Sunday, the outlet reported. Brooks had been drinking at Reggie’s, a bar near the LSU campus where she met the 17-year-old suspect on January 15, the newspaper reported. She left between 1 and 2 a.m. m. with the teen and three other suspects, according to an arrest warrant. Carver admitted to police that Brooks “was very unsteady on her feet, she couldn’t keep her balance and couldn’t speak clearly without slurring her words,” the document says.

Carver told investigators that she saw Brooks and the 17-year-old boy “hugging and walking together,” saying she asked for a ride home. “He admitted that he agreed to take her because he didn’t want to leave her while he was very drunk and the bar was closing,” the arrest warrant reads. Carver told authorities that he sat in the driver’s seat and Lee in the front passenger seat, while Washington and the 17-year-old were in the back along with Brooks. He said he asked Brooks for her address, “but she fell and couldn’t answer him.” the warrant says, “so she drove a short distance and stopped. Carver “stated that she overheard her 17-year-old juvenile friend when she asked the victim five times if she wanted to have sex with him,” to which Brooks “gave her verbal consent,” according to the document. He said the 17-year-old and Washington then had sex with Brooks before he told them: “We have to stop this, let’s go,” the document says.

When asked during the police interview if he thought the woman was too upset to consent to sex, Carver said: “I guess. Police also interviewed Washington, who said he was saddened by Brooks’ death, but also admitted he laughed while walking behind her earlier and thought, “How do they meet a random girl and bring her home?” She said she later dropped Brooks off at a nearby subdivision, where she was struck by a rideshare driver around 3 a.m. on Burbank Drive near Pelican Lakes Parkway.

Madison Brooks Age

Madison Brooks was 19 years old.

4 Suspects in Custody after LSU sorority student Madi Brooks is killed following gang rape

Investigators said she had a blood alcohol content of 0.319%, almost four times the legal limit. Washington and an unidentified 17-year-old were charged with third-degree rape, while Lee and Carver were charged with principal third-degree rape. Under Louisiana law, a third-degree rape charge generally involves a victim who is “incapable of resisting or comprehending the nature of the act due to stupor or abnormal mental condition produced by an intoxicating agent or any cause and the offender knew or should have known of the victim’s incapacity”, KSLA. informed. Ron Haley, a lawyer for two of the suspects, told WAFB that this was “absolutely not a rape. Listen, this is a tragedy, this is definitely not a crime. He told the outlet that the video taken during the incident shows that Brooks was consistent. Can you tell that she was intoxicated, yes. To the point under the law that you say you’re in a drunken stupor, to the point that you legally cannot give consent or answer questions, that was absolutely not the case,” Haley told WAFB. The lawyer claimed that Brooks and Carver argued in her car.

“Based on a discrepancy, she got out of the vehicle. She indicated that she was taking an Uber. I want the public to know that these youths, or really the driver of the vehicle and the youths that were there, did not push it to the side of the road,” she said. Brooks, a native of Covington, Louisiana. , she was a member of the Alpha Phi sorority, KSLA reported. Madi was a bubbly, loving, and selfless friend. She left an indelible mark on our chapter, we treasure our memories together and we will never forget her. Our eternal friend was also a hero, Madi donated her heart and kidneys to save others,” the sisterhood said on Instagram on Monday. We send our deepest condolences to her family and friends of hers during this incredibly difficult time. And we respectfully ask for time and space so that we can support each other in our healing process,” she added.

In a statement, the president of LSU, William Tate, said: “Madison was a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a niece, a classmate, and a friend for many of you. According to all reports, she was an incredible young woman with unlimited potential. She should not have been taken from us this way. What happened to him was bad, and our legal system will distribute justice. Our collective pain and outrage cannot be expressed with mere words. So what can we do? It is time to act. A place to focus our attention is the same place where this meeting began, ”Tate wrote. He pointed out that three of the suspects are minors, “but they could consume alcohol in a local bar. As such, our action plan begins with a deep and implacable approach to any establishment that benefits our students by providing alcohol to minors.

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