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Mackenzie Creech, 18, a student has told how he desperately tried in vain to save a 12-year-old girl who died on Bournemouth beach yesterday as the father of a woman who survived the tragedy said she had been ‘taken out by a rip tide’.

Mackenzie Creech was with his friends enjoying the sunshine at the popular tourist spot yesterday afternoon when they heard shouts and screams from the pier. After seeing crowds pointing to a girl in the water he rushed in with a friend to drag her back to the beach but there was nothing they could do to save her. The girl, from Buckinghamshire, died alongside a 17-year-old boy from Southampton. Eight other children were hurt after getting into trouble in the water close to the beach in Dorset, which was packed with locals and holidaymakers. Recalling the incident today, Mackenzie, 18, told MailOnline: ‘Everything happened so quickly, one minute I was enjoying the beach with some friends and then the next we heard screaming and shouting. We were on the other side of the pier but you could hear all this noise so we went over to see what was going on and people were pointing into the water. ‘I could see a body in the water, and just rushed in and scooped her up with someone else.

She was face down when I got there and not moving.’She was in a swimming costume but she didn’t appear to have any injuries on her. There were no cuts or bruises and I just knew it didn’t look good so I carried her onto the beach. Mackenzie, who is from Tilehurst near Reading and studying sports at college, described how paramedics arrived and started doing CPR on the girl. People were screaming and shouting and it was all really chaotic and then someone put some towels up as a screen while the paramedics worked on her,’ he said. ‘I was hoping she would make it and I didn’t know she had passed away until I saw it on the news. I was gutted when I heard that and it’s upset me, it’s so sad something like this happened. I did what anyone else would have done.’

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Mackenzie Creech Age

Mackenzie Creech is 18 years old.

Survivor Lauren Tate

Survivor Lauren Tate, 18, spent a short period in hospital and is now continuing her recovery at home. Her father said: ‘We’ve seen all the stuff about boats and jet skis but it wasn’t like that. She was swimming in the sea with her friends when the rip tide took them out. ‘She was lucky to get pulled from the sea by the coastguard and one of her other friends was rescued by a paddleboarder. I know the boy who died was at college with her, but I don’t know anything about him. All she told me is that they all met up on the train and headed to Bournemouth beach for the day.

’ A friend of Lauren also denied reports a jet ski was involved in the incident. I’ve messaged her and she said they were jumping off the pier,’ they said. ‘I vaguely know the boy involved but all my friend said is they were jumping in and got into trouble. There was no boat or jet ski involved. It’s so sad what happened. I think the lad jumped in to save the younger girl but I don’t know for sure.’ A small number of people in the crowd filmed the tragedy unfolding, even as emergency workers performed CPR on a child.

Incident at Bournemouth Beach

One teenager filmed a lifeguard sprinting across the sand, shouting: ‘Oh s**t. You run boy. Run, Forrest Run.’ An angry person nearby then yelled: ‘Someone is f***ing dying.’ It comes as one of Britain’s top doctors told MailOnline today of the desperate attempts to save the two children who died yesterday, as he slammed TikTok fiends who filmed them receiving CPR and mocked medics running to their aid. Bournemouth-born Dr. Rob Rosa, a former GP who is now one of Britain’s Chief Medical Officers, told MailOnline how he was on the promenade when the first child was brought to the beach and ran down to help when the second child, the 12-year-old girl, was brought in from the sea around 15 minutes later. Witnesses said she had apparently been found face down in the water. He said: ‘Those videoing the desperate CPR attempts should think long and hard at their actions. The tragic death of a child is not something anyone should voyeuristically observe.’

‘I have been a doctor for 18 years, including in A&E where I have been battle-hardened, but I have never seen anything as bad as this in my career. It was utterly exceptional and harrowing. They were carrying out CPR on two children while searching the water for others. There were police, paramedics, doctors, and the RNLI. They did everything they could for those children. It’s a terrible tragedy. The lifeguards were teenagers themselves and did an incredible job trying to save those children.’Witnesses described harrowing scenes as CPR was administered on the beach and some ‘idiots’ with phones were seen filming lifeguards trying to revive the two children. The sand close to the pier had to be cleared so two air ambulances could land, but sadly the two schoolchildren died later in hospital.

Man (40) has been arrested following a fatal incident at Bournemouth Beach

A man in his 40s, who had been on the water at the time of the incident, has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. One source claimed he might have been encouraging them to jump. He remains in custody. Since 2004, Britain’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency has dealt with more than 200 incidents of tombstoning, including pier jumping, leading to at least 70 injuries and 20 deaths. Police today confirmed that no vessel is believed to have been in ‘physical contact’ with the children following speculation on social media they had been hit by a jet-ski or boat. But there have been claims that the tragedy may have been caused by the wash of a jet-ski. There has been an ongoing issue between jet skiers and other people using the water around the area of the pier. MailOnline has asked Dorset Police to comment.

There were announcements throughout the afternoon telling people not to climb on the pier. After 2 pm it seemed like people weren’t going near it. The next announcement we got was at 4 pm about a dangerous riptide in the water and it wasn’t soon after that we saw a couple of swimmers in trouble out to sea. ‘It got really chaotic when they brought a young man back to shore on a lifeguard jet-ski. It was obvious he wasn’t alive. That’s when people started gathering around and the lifeguards were trying to clear the beach at the same time as helping the others in the water. We saw the young girl get brought out too and there were no obvious injuries on her either. I just wanted to get my family off the beach with our belongings.’

Paul Moyce, 61, said he believed those involved had been jumping into the sea off the pier. He said: ‘I think they went off the end of the pier and went out too far. They must have gotten caught by the current. I lived here for 61 years and I’ve never seen anything like it.’

The first person to reach the girl who died was an 18-year-old boy. His father, Rob Creech, said today: ‘My son was on the other side of the pier swimming with a few friends. ‘All of a sudden there were a lot of people on the pier shouting and screaming that there was somebody in the water. He swam to the other side of the pier and he found a young girl floating face down in the water. ‘The emergency services were just arriving at the beach so he was shouting to them and scooped her up to swim to shore. He managed to get her out onto the beach and the emergency services took it from there.’

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