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Lygia Fazio, 40, a “beautiful” mother who had a bum lift and later died from complications did so because her partner at the time wanted her to have a wider bottom.

Lygia Fazio was hospitalized after the industrial silicone and PMMA has introduced three years ago. She had them removed for three months but suffered a stroke as a result of the last month and was brought back to the hospital. Lygia, the mother of Davi and Thor, died on Wednesday. The tragic news was shared on the Brazilian’s 941,000-follower Instagram account. “Unfortunately, our warrior has passed away,” the message said. I’ll post the details of her parting soon. “Once again, we want to thank everyone for their support.”

Her Instagram account also had a post from one of her friends. “Guys, how long will these murderous doctors continue to use PMMA on people?” it read. This is a heinous crime!” It should be illegal. Lygia Fazio, rest in peace.” PMMA, or polymethyl methacrylate, is a synthetic resin that is frequently used as a glass alternative. Plexiglas, Lucite, and Perspex are trademarks for it. In cosmetic surgery, small PMMA microspheres floating in a biological fluid are injected under the skin as a soft-tissue filler. “I witnessed some of this process in the last three years,” Meiri, a journalist, said.

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Lygia Fazio was 40 years old.

Model 40 passes away after having her bum enlarged at the request of her boyfriend

It all started when she injected a chemical into her body to increase the size of her buttocks. “She was always very beautiful, stunning, and there’s no room for judgement here.” “She was always wanting to look and feel better, and she sought advice from people who were not professionals.” For a while, I think professionals were using substances that were legalised and so on, but after a while, she wanted more, and doctors didn’t want to do it, so she resorted to clandestine procedures.” Meiri continued: “And that was the ticking time bomb in her life. The industrial silicone mixed with PMMA started spreading throughout her body, causing an infection, a bacteria. “She tried to cure it, to remove that substance, but it didn’t come out completely, and it caused many infections. She recently had a stroke that put her in hospital.” Lygia’s funeral and cremation are due to take place in Taboao da Serra, Brazil, today.

The model revealed in an interview in March last year she had her first cosmetic procedure in 2013. She said: “Since I work in modelling, everyone wanted to have a bigger bum than the other. “And this is what happened: I looked at myself in the mirror, I had a small bum, and I wanted to enhance it. “The doctor didn’t want to use PMMA. I had 450 millilitres on each side with PMMA, and it was before I knew it was prohibited. “I had it done in 2013, and it gave me a nice volume.” However, she revealed that her boyfriend at the time was not satisfied with the result and asked her to have another procedure. “My boyfriend said that ‘a big bum is better,’ so I went to a secret place, had it done, and it grew,” Lygia recalled. “However, the product appears to move in the body, reaching the legs.” It went to the sides in my case. “So, I had to have it removed, and I had a heart-shaped incision.”

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