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Luke Brooks, 27, was “fit and healthy” before his family moved into the private rental property, which was damp-ridden and shabby, a coroner was told.

But he came down with regular colds, and his mother Patricia pleaded with the local council to find them another place to live “before someone dies,” he said at the inquest. Last October, he told the audience that he found traces of “fungal organisms” in his lungs. Dr Abdul Ganjifrockwala concluded that Mr Brooks had been suffering from pneumonia resulting in acute respiratory distress syndrome caused by living in “heavily mold infested accommodation”. Asked today by Senior Coroner Joanne Kearsley told Brooks that Mr. Brooks’ lungs led her to believe his fatal illness was caused by aspergillus, a type of mold, the consulting pathologist replied: “Because there is a fungal organism present “.The hearing at Rochdale Coroner’s Court was told that Mr Brooks’s mother called 111 to say that he was suffering from a rash and a suspected chest infection. before he could attend an ambulance. But after a series of calls, Mr Brooks said he would go to his GP on Monday.

According to his mother, his condition seemed to improve, but on October 22 he unexpectedly suffered a seizure, and although an ambulance was called, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Dr Ganjifrockwala told the hearing that he believed Mr Brooks’ symptoms were caused by a viral infection. But he said an infection could have made his lungs “more susceptible” to aspergillus mold. Also, his lungs were twice the expected weight due to the fluid, while there were signs of reduced oxygen in his brain.When asked if he still believed Aspergillus played a role in Mr. Brooks’ death, he replied: “I think so.” homes heavily infested with mold.” But he agreed with the coroner that he had now deferred this conclusion to other experts. He said: ‘Yes, only because they have more experience in this area.’ Mr. Brooks’s family believe that mold infestation in the three-bedroom, end-terrace Huxley Street house that he shared with his parents, his cousin and a friend of his caused his death. On Monday his mother, Patricia Brooks, described how her private landlord failed to remedy multiple problems at the property and how she pleaded with Oldham City Council to find alternative accommodation for her family.

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Luke Brooks Age

Luke Brooks was 27 years old.

Mum raised mouldy home fears before son’s death

Testifying yesterday, Ms Brooks recounted how a bathroom in the two-bedroom property, shared by six adults, three dogs and a cat, was covered in mold, while rain poured in through holes in the ceiling. She said she pleaded with Oldham council staff to rehouse them. “I begged them to get us out of that place before someone died,” she said. Ms. Brooks said that she told a support worker: someone dies. “A couple of months later, someone did,” she added. She told the Rochdale Coroner’s Court that she herself was hospitalized four years earlier, adding: “She almost killed me.” in 2014, her boiler was not working and she described it as “always cold and damp”. coming out of the pipes,’ she said. About a year after they moved in, she noticed mold in the upstairs bathroom, saying there was “black stuff all over the ceiling.”She said a new boiler was finally fitted in 2017 but only the tops of the radiators would heat. Brooks shared her room with a friend and spent much of her time playing video games like Tomb Raider, her mother told the hearing. He had not had a job since he left school and became a “recluse” in the months before his death, smoking cannabis and drinking regularly, she said. She described his son as ‘carefree’ and ‘intelligent and warm-hearted’. ‘, saying that he would help with the shopping and cooking as his unofficial caretaker.

He was a ‘healthy child’ and never needed to go to the doctor, he said, but his health declined when they moved into the property in 2014. ‘Every year I could guarantee you would catch a cold,’ he said. But he avoided going into the room, saying that he would leave empty drinks cans and food packets on the floor.Friend Jenny Harrington told the hearing at Rochdale Coroner’s Court that Luke’s room was ‘ice cold’ with black mold on the walls and ceiling.Workers from a housing charity carried out home visits and helped her apply to Oldham council for relocation. But “there were no suitable properties,” Ms Brooks said. ‘They contacted the landlord and asked him to carry out repairs, but that just amounted to ‘the odd socket, the odd light switch,’ she said.At the time of Luke’s death they were not on the waiting list to be rehomed, she said.In October last year, Mr Brooks came down with flu symptoms and began suffering from a rash, the inquest was told.On October 22 his mother called 111 and was advised he should attend A&E, but he didn’t want to go.‘He was scared of doctors, he was scared of hospitals,’ she said.Three days later his condition seemed to be improving, but then he unexpectedly suffered a seizure and an ambulance was called.Ms Kearsley is the same coroner who ruled last year that two-year-old Awaab Ishak died in Rochdale from a respiratory condition caused by mould at his home. The hearing continues.

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